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will this help me lose weight this summer?

i’m 14, 5’2ish, and about 117 pounds. i promised myself i would lose 10 pounds this summer and tone up my stomach and lose the love handles. i try to do cardio every day by running at least 3 miles. will switching how far i run every other day help me lose fat faster?

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4 Responses to “will this help me lose weight this summer?”

  1. bobby d said :

    Not really – but the further/longer you run will burn more calories. Switching doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s all about intensity and time (which equates to distance). The more intense for the longer time, then the more calories are burned.

  2. Brad G said :

    Not really. The key is to continue to push yourself and avoid routine. If you run 2 miles a day every day then eventually your body will become used to the workload and you will have to do it to maintain. You should try adding some intervals to your workout to keep it challenging.

  3. Red Baron said :

    I don’t think the distance matters. If you really want to burn fat efficiently, then run for 1 mile, then walk (quickly) for a half a mile, then run for another mile or so, then walk quickly again, then run the rest. Interval training, as opposed to an all-out work out, is the best way to lose fat. If you work too hard, you may begin to enter an anaerobic state, which does burn a lot of calories, just not all of it is fat.

  4. Hanna said :

    You can’t say you are going to lose weight, and expect it to come off overnight. It should be a longer process. And, if you are running 3 miles a day, you should be building your body up to get used to running that much. You also have to include strength training exercises in if you want to tone up and lose love handles. There is no healthy way to lose weight fast. You’re only supposed to lose about 1-2 pounds a week anyway. If you just want a toned stomach just try doing more crunches, push-ups, and ab-strengthening moves.


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