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is this a good vegetarian diet to lose weight?

i want to lose weight by next summer so i can be very slim and so i can wear my bikini on front of people for our beach party looool

Ehm,okay so basically if i live on soup…vegetable soup,mushroom soup,leek and potato soup,carrot soup and also i eat lots of fruit throughout the day..i will add some noodles to soup well as taking multi vitamins will overall be eating about 1300 calories a day and taking diet pills(which basically block fat being stored) and doing 100 situps a day (50 then rest for minute or so then continue)
also about 20 leglifts and ten squats…i also have this step yoke,how many of them should i be doing?

thanks guyss…don’t re-write my diet,just give me advice over it. 🙂

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3 Responses to “is this a good vegetarian diet to lose weight?”

  1. Kitty Cat said :

    you need to eat more fruits and vegetables don’t continouslly eat soup put some color in you diet

    and exercise to a regiment that is set for you to lose weight

  2. Scuba Steve JW said :

    If you become a nutritarian as I have you might be able to do what I did and am still doing. I literally stuff myself on the nutrient dense foods [vegetables and fruit] and I avoid everything that is refined and I almost never eat animal based foods. I lost over 35 pounds doing this and have kept it off now for 4 months.

    You can read more about this at Amazon where you will find over 300 customer reviews of the book, Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman, MD

    All that soup is likely giving you too much salt. Stop the diet pills you don’t need them. Eat lots of raw vegetables and a variety of them. Eat nothing refined but eat only whole grain pasta or bread and only one serving of grains or starch a day. Eat at least one serving of beans/legumes a day for protein. Take a vitamin B12 supplement.

  3. Shilo said :


    I have found a great blog with a story of a woman who lost weight in a healthy and easy way. It was an eye-opener for me. I’ve tried it and I must admit that the results amazed me. I lost more than 30 pounds so far and I feel better than ever. It has a program for vegetarians too.

    Here are some hints from Betty’s blog:

    1.The diet creates meal plans and recipes just for you.
    2.You are able to eat a few times a day, which means that you are not starving yourself!
    3.The diet is based upon calorie shifting and shows you what you are doing wrong. Betty Winter on her site explains it all.
    4.What is most important, you are able to buy all the food in a local store. There is no need for some expensive fancy food that promises miracles, but does nothing at all.
    5.It teaches you how to lose bad eating habits.

    As I told you, this diet was an eye-opener and it works. With the proper guidance all the way through the diet, it is so easy and you can do it too. It can all be found online, as Betty describes.

    Betty also gives FREE gifts to anyone who visit her site these days so be shure to check it out!

    So, if you wish to learn more about this easy healthy diet, check Betty’s blog, it’s in my source. Good luck!


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