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IS this a good diet plan to loose weight?

Basically, I want a six pack pretty quickly and have developed my ab muscles so I can see them a bit, but some fat is covering them so i want to remove that and have a great set of abs. This is what my typical day holds:

Breakfast: Shreddies – 200cal
Dinner: Sandwhiches and Fruit salad – 600cal
Snacks: Eggs, Fruit – 300cal
Tea – around 500 calories
Total – 1600 calories

and i usually burn around 600 calories a day on excercise which would take a total to: 1000 calories.

Will this burn fat off my stomach? If so, how long will it take to burn around 6lbs.

Thanks in advance. :))

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2 Responses to “IS this a good diet plan to loose weight?”

  1. Kerron said :

    It seems like a pretty balanced diet. An sice it’s only 6 pounds it should not take you long to get results.

    This website had some great ab exercise tips that i found very helpful. check them out.

  2. UMRmathmajor said :

    Loose is the opposite of tight. Just FYI.

    Anyway, 500 calories of tea? That’s all sugar. No. Your body needs real nourishment especially being a male and working out. 1,000 total calories is pretty low too. Your body wont shed fat if you don’t eat enough. It’ll say, oh crap, a famine! Better hold on to storage! …Eat something every few hours to keep your metabolism running and dont skip meals. It’ll happen, but too fast is not healthy and it wont last.


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