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Will this diet help me loose weight? PLEASE ANSWER <3?

I am a female, 18 years old. Due to stress I gained 4 stone very quickly in the amount of 2 years…
I am now feeling REALLY motivated, and I loose weight really quick, once the doctor said I had to loose 10 pounds, and I lost 11 pounds it in 3 days…
My weight has knocked my confidence, I don’t like people seeing me, I don’t like going out. It’s holding me back from getting a job or my drivers license ect! I feel so strong and positive to get this weight off since I weighed my self and saw how bad it actually got, but because I was a gym fitness fanatic before I gained the weight I still have a good toned body but too much chubbiness. I used to have a nice ab line from doing so much running and crunches and though I’m over weigh the line is still there so I’m still toned which is good and I have no stretch marks yet either.

Yesterday I had 2 cookies (50 calories each) and a bowl of low fat chilli (155 calories) and half a piece of breed (I guess 70 calories) that’s all I ate for the whole day and I drank loads of water and green tea, and I ran for one hour and 10 minutes on the treadmill (at hard full power speed, I was sweating buckets, I also ran in a sweat suite, its a work out suite I brought), done some yoga, 100 ab crunches, and 100 stretches.
Today I have had just some oats and skimmed milk this morning! I’m going to skip lunch and than have a grilled chicken breast and some lettuce and tomatoes tonight. and I’m going to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill.and 50 ab crunches.
I’m going to do 1 hour running one day, and 30 the next day, everyday of the week.
My mind is strong be get slim before December!
I have PCOS which caused the weight gain but I’m on pills now (metformin) and my doctor said they will cause rapid weight gain for me along with the diet and exercise!

If I keep up this diet and running, no carbs or anything!
Will I loose some weight?
please answer! all answers are very appreciated.
I was feeling like killing my self because I thought the weight would never come off but hopefully this diet will help, and the exercise is making me happy! I love working out.

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2 Responses to “Will this diet help me loose weight? PLEASE ANSWER <3?”

  1. ChemoAngel said :

    This is not the way to diet. Skipping meals will only slow your weight loss, and you need carbs for energy and mental clarity. Eat 3 normal balanced meals a day and you won’t have to worry about weight gain.

  2. MolOi Silamu said :

    You need to do cardio! When I say that you have to work hard and get your heart rate up. So many people say they do cardio but they walk or job leisurely on the treadmill or elliptical. Running is the best way to shred excess fat (make sure you have good knees). It’s not about losing 2 or 3 pounds here and there because it is very easy to gain it back. You have to change the complexion of how your body functions. Consistency is the key. The more you workout your metabolism will burn fat at a higher rate. Eventually you want your body to work for you, not work for your body (if that makes sense). And if you want to lift and workout I recommend doing high intensity circuit workouts where you are doing an exercise one after another, to again, get your heart rate up and increase your fitness level (not be one of the those people we do a set, rest for 2-3 minutes and do another one). There is too much down time, that’s good for increasing strength but not overall fitness. Diet is just as important as working out!


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