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Is this a healthy eating habbit to loose weight? Please help.

I am very very overweight. I’m tired of going to school thinking every ones looking at me, I am above normal on the popular rank but I could care less about that. I really cant handle living like this so I’m going to make drastic changes to my eating ways.

Is it okay if I start eating, For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Turkey Sandwich – No Cheese – Mustard only – All averages out to about 120 calories. (I previously added up) And only drinking water.

Health, I know that loosing weight quickly isn’t healthy and can lead you to the ICU. But I’m going to watch myself carefully and honestly, I could care less because I know when my body will tell me to stop.Dintt worry about anorexia or anything of that because I really could not be farther away from it.

I’m 17, In high school, (Junior). And my friend weighed as much as me when last year started then he went on to drugs and weights 120 pounds, and has been off the drugs for quite sometime so its notemporaryry. at all. Hes been clean about 4 months. (NO Im not gonna do drugs, please dont even mention it, Im way above that.)

Is my eating program okay? My daily calorie intake would be about 480 calories, Give or take 100 for snacks here and there. How will this work for me do you thinI’mim a male 17 and about 300 pounds.

How many pounds per week/2weeks/3weeks/etc. give or take. If you tell me this is bad, I would still like to know. Thank all of you in advanced.
Bike,Swim, (Holdin off on weight lifting cus i gained weight with muscle last time and ill life leter) runn, wallk. Alot.

2. The world is not going to end any time soon. How many doom predictions have come and gone too many times. Now its just for attention and world scare. Dont quit your job cus its not going to happen. Sorry. The planets are not going to move to an allignement for it to suck us into a black hole, and the LHC will not end the world. This is not my oppinion, its my fact. The year 2000. We all died. Yep mmhmm. Im sorry about sounding offensive but its not going to hapen and I suggest you dont believe it will. Now back on topic.

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3 Responses to “Is this a healthy eating habbit to loose weight? Please help.”

  1. xorenoph3n0moxo said :

    You need at least 1500-2000 cals a day to be healthy.

  2. jellybaby said :

    if you eat that little in a day your metabolism will slow down and slowly your body won’t burn the fat anymore
    you have to make sure you eat about 1000 calories to keep yourself awake and healthy
    eating less than 500 calories in a day would lead to extreme weight loss, but slowly it would slow down and you would find it hard to lose anymore
    (you must trust me on this it is happening at the moment)
    good luck, stay healthy!

  3. Sai2301 said :

    wont you get bored eating just that??what exercises are you planning to do??


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