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Can eating alot of fruits and vegetables help you loose weight fast?

I want to loose about 15 to 30 pounds by August 1. And what else can I do to loos weight quickly?

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6 Responses to “Can eating alot of fruits and vegetables help you loose weight fast?”

  1. atg28 said :

    Some fruits are almost as bad as candy bars with their sugar content. A large banana has almost as many grams of sugar as a snickers bar plus the type of sugar incurs a type of glycemic index which is worse.

    You’d have to stick to vegetables (especially cucumbers) to see any beneficial effects. You don’t lose weight by eating vegetables, but the caloric intake is much less.

  2. aviolentremedy said :

    Fruits and vegetables don’t MAKE you lose weight, they’re just less in calories. 30 minutes of walking everyday will works wonders. It worked for me.

  3. linda c said :

    try the raw food diet, very healthy and you don’t count calories, just eat all the fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and beans you want. you can even have one day out of the week where you eat your favorite food and not gain an ounce. great for motivation. I lost 12lbs in less than a week, and it’s easy to keep the weigh off. i love the internal benefits, i am very regular, always in a positive mood, and have so much energy.I know you can do it. good luck

  4. Jennifer T said :

    It’s much better for you than meat because it doesn’t rot in your stomach and you get fiber. They’re also better than carbs because the carbs will be stored in your body to be used later. All fruits and vegetables give you the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy with less calories than most other foods.

    If you do eat bread or any kind of carbs, only eat whole wheat.

    Also, don’t drink any sodas or juices — stick with water or tea (unsweetened) because it doesn’t have any calories in it.

    I can’t guarantee that you’ll loose that much in a month because I don’t know your current weight and everything, but I can say that just drinking liquids with no calories and increasing your fiber intake will make a significant difference fairly quick.

  5. Martha Evans said :

    Fruits are good for you, but too many can help you gain weight because of the sugar. Veggies are great, but stay away from things like potatoes. Eat lots of protein and veggies and try to cut down on the carbs. Exercise more and drink a lot of water.

  6. Sai2301 said :

    yes but beware of bananas and mangoes…their GI levels are high…eat enough lean proteins as well…do cardio and toning workouts 6 days a week and results are yours…good luck


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