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Does eating nothing but salads and fruits make you loose weight fast?

So Im trying to loose weight I hate being fat.Im 5’4 weight 142lb and 19.After having a baby it’s what I weight.Anyways my question is if I eat nothing but salad & fruits will I loose weight fast?Oh I also bought hydroxycut does anybody know if it actually works?Or if you have dune a diet what worked for you?

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5 Responses to “Does eating nothing but salads and fruits make you loose weight fast?”

  1. Jadey said :

    yeah it does till you start eating noraml again and then you put it all right back on! x

  2. kayla said :

    I dont think you’ll lose any weight because you’ll be starving not having any carbs or bread.
    Then you’ll just be ransacking your cupboards for some ‘real food.’

  3. floxie k said :

    Yes, if that’s how you’ll eat permanently. If not, the weight you’ve lost will come back.

  4. MicheleB said :

    guess what it dose not matter what you eat it is how you eat it you can eat cake just not everyday it works for me!!

  5. jelly bean w said :

    yes but if you want to lose weight, you just need to exercise and eat small portion of food and more fruit and veggies. if you exercise you metabolism will work faster so you can burn off the calories you ate. so good luck and i know you can do it.


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