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Is it right to loose weight THIS fast?

Well basically in one week and 3 days I had lost 11lbs from exercising, eating in small portions, drinking LOADS of water, but first of all I thought that I had lost 8lbs, but then I found out that actually it was 11lbs apparently. Then this Monday I went for a walk and on Tuesday I went jogging, cause lately I have been jogging LOADS like everywhere, and I had weighed myself on Tuesday after the jogging and the scales said I had lost 5lbs :S

My scales are not electric, they are just like the old simple ones, and wouldn’t lie about weight, even though on my Wii on saturday after I took a really long walk it said I put on like 4lbs, but after all of the walking I SO did not believe it, cause I ate hardly anything that day and just drank loads of water and stuff, so of course it must have got my weight things wrong.

I haven’t weighed myself today cause apparently it can become obsessive. Also I don’t think that I have a high metabolism because, im exercising to LOOSE weight, if I did have a high metabolism I wouldn’t have put on any weight in the first place though right?

BUT! Basically all I wanna know is…

1. Howcome i’m loosing weight so fast? like 5lbs in 2 days (not that its a bad thing or anything :P)

2. Is it normal to loose this much weight in a day? because that last time I checked people normally only loose like 1-2lbs a week when I loose like 11 lbs in a week and 3 days.

3. Altoghether I have lost 16lbs in just (1 week + the 3 days that I lost 11lbs in) and + 2 days that I lost 5lbs in… in just like 2 week all toghether all of that weight though mind!! When it could have taken some people like a month just to loose that much.

4. Also, I thought that people were born with a high metabolism, if thats what this, fast weightloss is, or can you just get it? cause i’m not toooo sure on that one :/

Yes- I have been walking and jogging alot, but this wouldent cause me to burn of THOSE pounds THAT quickly…would it?
Yes- I have been eating, just limiting what I eat, and if I something sugary I go for a walk or jogging and burn it off!

And Yes!- I have weighed myself correctly in the past few days, I even got some family members to check if it was accurate or right.

and now im 16st 😀 and 14 1/2, 15 very soon! 😀

Also I have really badly hurt a muscle in my leg, but i’m soldiering on and pushing myself to jog on, it hurts ALOT but im gonna go through that pain to loose weight. But then, can I keep jogging on it or should I just let it rest, cause apperently if you rest it, it will go stiff, when I jog on it, its fine aswell it doesnt hurt, but then when I start to walk again (because im getting used to jogging now) it kills, the pain is soooo unbarable I tell you!!

I have to admit, that I go jogging EVERDAY of the week, my mum thinks im pushing myself too hard, but I just see this excersize as punishment for letting my self get this fat, so honestly, no matter how hard I push myself I dont care much, as long as im loosing weight, feeling fitter (cause im doing this to be fitter to, and the jogging to get my heart healthy and get my flab gone and body in shape).

If I am pushing myself you CAN tell me, just dont be TOO harsh about it though lol 😛
I also am 5″7 and I wanan get to 8 stone, will that be TOO skinny or not, I mean I appreciate your opinions on this, but I still wanna get to 8 stone, whether i’m killing myself to do it or not. I sound like a stubburn teenage bitch I know, :S
Anyways, I will be greatful for all of your answers so uhm yeah thanks guys! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Is it right to loose weight THIS fast?”

  1. Gabe said :

    The reason you lost that amount of weight that fast is because you are so overweight. YOu have so much fat and waste in your body, that the first week your body expelled it all. out of those 16 pounds you’ve lost, only 2-3 was from fat. the other 13 is waste and water from all the crap you used to eat. You will probably gain back 10 each time your period comes around and lose 10 when its done, its natural fluctuations.

    Im not trying to down you or anything, but it is good to see how you lost a lot of weight. however, dont get too cocky and forget about exercise. Although your down 16 pounds, like i said, most is just water and you wont see the real results from exercise until a few months in.

  2. Jenna said :

    thats too quick to lose that much weight and it might damage your body in the long term
    try to slow down a bit 🙂

  3. LoVe KiLlsZ said :

    ima try that.=] and yurh doing really good.
    but yuh shud stretch yurh muscle every time yuh run and after so it wont happen again.
    but other thn that yurh doing awsome,

  4. rachel said :

    I would personally go to your GP and get a Thyroid check as you should not loose this amount of weight in a very short space of time. I feel that you also need to eat around 6 to 8 small meals every 3 hours. Don’t become an Anorexic you only need to train 3 to 4 days a week NO MORE ok. And I wish you luck

  5. Jak said :

    I think 9 stone would be an agressive, but healthy and realistic goal. however, just knowing your height is not enough to say whether 8 stone or 10 stone would be a better goal for you.

    Jogging every daywill certainly help you lose more weight, however if you are injured, you should take at least 1 day off, and preferrably 2 if it hurts that much. I would recommend taking 1 day off exercising every week even if you aren’t in pain. When you are just starting out a new exercising regimen it is easier to injure yourself and takes longer to recooperate. Pushing yourself is great, but don’t overdo it at first. When I started running, I could only handle 3 times a week, because my legs were so sore. Plus, I could only run slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time without taking a few minutes break and i’d be wiped out after 25 minutes. After a month or so, you’ll be able to burn a lot more calories with each run, but putting too much stress on your body now may hinder this improvement.

    As for weight loss averages, yes 1-2 lbs. a week is recommended. If you are obese, out of shape, or retaining water then you might lose much more initially. Changing your diet drastically can also cause a mass water weight loss, which is what so many scam diets sell people on, pretending that they’re losing fat. The fact is, you have to burn over 5k calories to lose a pound of fat, and so even with tons of exercise and eating low calorie, you’ll never lose more than 3 or 4 pounds in a week, and at that point it’s probably doing more harm than good.


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