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do you guys know of anyways for a teen to loose weight at a fast speed?

i think im a little over weight for being 15…i mean i just turned 15…and im 156…people say i dont look it because i can fit into all the “trend” clothes like hollister and abercrombie. i also know how to present myself in a good way. i mean im very uncomfortable with myself…i even suck my stomach in …ive been doing that for about 3 it became kinda natural..but now i see thats not the way to live that i need to loose weight …and the healthy way..i just want a diet plan..and excerise..but be able to loose it sorta quickly..please help!

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5 Responses to “do you guys know of anyways for a teen to loose weight at a fast speed?”

  1. GODFATHER said :

    .start by exercising,eat right,before you know it ,it will become routine,drink a lot of water,stay away from sweets and sugar.(candy ,soda,and all junk food)

  2. kristin b said :

    Seriously start walking or exerciseing. DONT stop eating or start vomiting or you could get very sick. Look into healthy ways to eat.
    Gyms often have personal trainers that can assist you with workout and diet plans. Eat well balanced whatever you do so that your body does not become deprived of nutrients. don’t get discouraged if you do not lose ten pounds in two days. It won’t take long before you see results that you are happy with. Just stick with it.

  3. jenna obenna said :

    The Atkins Diet would be super for you. If you don’t exercise everyday consistently, you really DON’T need an overload of carbs (which store away fat to BE burned off). In just a few days without a bunch of carbohydrates in the system, the body will begin to burn its own fat off very rapidly. You’ll feel weak for two weeks, and then you’ll feel better than ever afterwords because your body will have gotten used to it. You’ll actually be MORE energetic.

  4. D-a said :
  5. soca said :

    just go on diet and exercise on daily basis
    swimming is a good way to burn fat!!


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