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How Fast Did You loose The Baby Weight?

how long did it take you too loose the baby weight. with my first baby i lost all the weight pretty quickly after. and now i just had my 2nd child, 2 months ago. and i gained a lot more with this pregnancy, and am struggling to loose the weight. i have started watching what i eat, and have been running 3 miles 4 days a week. i’m really hoping the weight starts to fall off. what do you think? thanks. is it really harder to loose weight after a 2nd pregnancy.

Additional Details
I still have like 40 pounds to loose. so frustrating. i used to always be so in shape and a very small woman before this pregnancy.

i am having problems with my thyroid as well. i’m hoping it levels out and goes back to normal on its own, or i will have to start taking meds for it. but my thyroid is actually being over active right now, so i should be loosing weight like crazy, but i’m not.

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2 Responses to “How Fast Did You loose The Baby Weight?”

  1. Sam said :

    Are you still breastfeeding? I know breastfeeding helps weightloss. I did lose the weight fast with both pregnancies, as I breastfed for 6 months afterwards, however put weight back on after stopping breastfeeding (and keeping my bad eating habits from pregnancy). Good Luck, try not to overdo it though with the exercise.

  2. Em said :

    18months on im still struggling


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