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How do you lose weight FAST (without any strange fad diets)?

Me + exercise + healthy eating = NOTHING!

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12 Responses to “How do you lose weight FAST (without any strange fad diets)?”

  1. Paul Frost said :

    Eat less Exercise more.

    look at your calorie imput and when you exercise try to push yourself a little harder each time .. don’t just sit in your comfort zone

  2. katy c said :

    my friend has lost nearly 3 stone in 6 weeks ish by cutting out all food, doing a hour on the wii fit every evening and just having like cant remeber if its slim fast or weightwatchers milshakes, no food just like 3 shakes a day thats it !!!!! its hard but its really working ! ur only ment to do it for i think 8 weeks then start adding food back in slowley x

  3. Yotepha said :

    Eat boiled eggs for breakfast with unbuttered toast. Cheese & crackers for lunch with a salad, Big salad for dinner with some at least 4 ounces of meat in it. Keep a lot of fluid going in also.

  4. madroxkran said :

    You exercised and ate wrong. It’s all about being in a caloric deficit and speeding up your metabolism with many meals per day.

    Go here (calorie calc):
    Figure out how many calories you need to stay where you are right now, then cut 500-1000 from that. That’s all you can have every day. Space this out between 4-6 meals, eating every 3-4 hours. You can cheat one meal a week, but only one meal and be sure to really cheat when you do or you’ll try to make up for it with other meals. Make a calorie sheet and write down everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you eat or drink that has calories. Basically, everything except water. Make sure it adds up to whatever number you got earlier. Be sure to recalculate every few weeks as you lose weight. This will keep you accountable, so that you will not over eat.

    Start running, swimming, biking, etc. Whatever you pick, do it 3-6x a week. Work up to 30+ minutes straight and don’t wuss out on the intensity.

    If you can go to a gym, start a good weight training program as well. Every kilo of muscle you gain will burn another ~75 Calories a day, which really adds up.

  5. andyallwood said :

    If you are exercising regularly and eating healthy then you shouldn’t be worrying about your weight, just remember a healthy weight is much more important than being super skinny, which is VERY unhealthy.

    If you can cut out all chocolate, Fizzy Drinks and Fast food etc then you will be fine, also you still need fat in your diet.

    Stay healthy and happy, Good Luck

  6. Jessica A said :

    do at least 30 sit ups a day and eat a little less or at least more healthy food, vegetables and fruit everyday

  7. Sai2301 said :

    no such thing as fast…focus on safe fat loss only!!Always mix cardio/aerobic exercises with toning/resistance exercises( try to jumble up everything from dance to yoga to weight training or even martial arts).Therefore,you wont easily go into a plateau.Never simply waste time thinking of losing your excess body weight but rather work smart to maintain a healthy but low body fat percentage your whole lifetime.
    Diet is 66% of fitness wherelse workouts are a mere 33%,so reform your diet for good!stay hydrated and stick to a balanced diet with minimal trans/saturated fats your whole life.Eat a wide array of fresh fruits and veggies.2 cheat meals a week is fine!

  8. THEN WHO WAS PHONE? said :


  9. Christie said :

    My friend takes Ephedrine to lose weight fast, it’s not a very good/healthy way to lose weight but it works and it works fast. She will be normal for a few months then when she feels she has been putting on weight she takes ephedrine tablets everyday for a week/wekk and half and she literally loses up to a stone. Its a mild form of amphetamine, and it makes you lose your appetite and also gives you tonnes of energy.
    They are available on the internet to buy, but theres no where you can buy them over the counter in the UK as they contain more than the allowed amphetamine dosage. I’m not saying this is a very safe way to lose weight, you should probably eat and healthy diet and excercise regularly but this does make you lose weight fast and its not a fad diet.

  10. Dr Frank said :

    Sorry but persisting with you+calorie reduction+exercise = your only chance!

  11. ANF said :

    Cut out ALL junk food, cut out all cake and biscuits, cut down on all fats. Eat fresh foods as much as possible and eat fruit. Alcohol is fattening especially spirits so cut out or down on this. Stay off refined foods such as white rice, white pasta, white bread. Go for the whole varieties. Exercise every day. Walking is one of the best and 2 miles a day is not too demanding.

  12. hrekkjavaka said :

    Since last monday i’ve cut out all junk food, all biscuits, chocolate… HAve eaten around 1400 calories everyday with 20 mins exercise/day… I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist, not sure how much that is from my weight, but it’s definitely working. i’m juts eating more veg and fruit, and i’ve been overweight all my life!


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