how can i lose weight fast and easy without eating much at all?

Most people say i look like my weight would be atleast 165 .. but i weigh 185 and im 5′ 11″.. and 16… Im not like a huge fatty at all but i would like to lose some weight but im a sophmore and relly dont have time for the bars and shakes like that….. SO how can i lose some weight fast and easy and not eat much at all!!??

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  1. Lyonet Milkyway said:

    I think that you should try to build muscles instead.

  2. chris said:

    well not eating much is not a good thing. if you hardly eat. then the next time you eat your body will pack it on to prevent from lack of food energy. so eat normal portions. just eat healthy, watch what you eat, and eat controlled portions with small healthy snacks throughout the day. if you want to lose weight fast you have to work out along with this. couple days a week running and lifting weights. nothing to much or you wont loose any weight. you will just build muscle

  3. Selin Natas said:


  4. S H said:

    your ideal weight is 172lbs. the fastest way to lose weight is to eat healthy, do cardio/weights/stretch. building muscle helps you burn more calories and lose more weight. shakes and bars are actually faster than cooking. If you dont have time to keep track of everything and cook just think before you put food in your mouth ” is this healthy? and am I eating enough of the right foods today?” if you can spend just an hour a day exercising (20 min cardio, 20 min weights, 20 min stretch) you will make a world of difference. 20 min stretch?!?!? you say… yes you need to hold stretches for 60 FULL seconds. stretching keeps you flexible, reduces soreness, and also increases your strength 20% more than lifting weights alone.

  5. jonnooooo said:

    this video will answer your question.. thank you


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