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How can I lose weight fast without a lot of exercise?

How can I lose weight without a lot of exercise? I have tryed so many diffrent things, and nothing has seemed to work for me. I have tryed everything. Does anyone have any secrets? Is there anything out there that I can do without breaking my budget?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast without a lot of exercise?”

  1. **B** said :

    low fat vegan diet.

  2. jane g said :

    weightwatchers is the best diet out there. Also you have to exercise at least 3 days a week and hard enought that you break a sweat.

  3. Magic said :
  4. Christi said :

    My teen daughter and I went on a hypoglycemic diet because I found out I was hypoglycemic. It’s very healthy and we’ve both lost 15 lbs within the last 2 months…and from eating 6 times a day. I haven’t exercised much but if I did I bet I’d have lost more weight. We are amazed what cutting out sugar, fat and bad carbs have done for us.

  5. John F said :

    Just exercise. Quit being a baby.

  6. mariemora said :

    hoodia eat right and keep on the exercise


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