wat is the best n fast way 2 lose belly fat in 1 or 2 weeks without spending money and doing hurtful exercises?

losing weight cost a lot of money and i don’t have a lot of money and i am desperate to lose weight. i’m going to see my old friends and to me it look like i got bigger. i need to lose weight. can some one help me or give me tips to lose weight fast in 1-3 weeks. plzzzzzzzzzz help

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3 Responses to “wat is the best n fast way 2 lose belly fat in 1 or 2 weeks without spending money and doing hurtful exercises?”

  1. Question G said:

    Hurtful exercises? Like, “I don’t want to pull a muscle” hurtful or “But situps huuuuuuuuuurt….” exercises.

    Can’t go wrong with situps and also lay on your back and pedal your legs in the air. For, like, two minutes. If you can do it longer, great, but people who aren’t used to exercising will be done by then.

    Or, just, don’t eat anything. You aren’t supposed to lose more than two pounds a week, but when my boyfriend left me I was sick and miserable and I lost 20 lbs in a month, just because I hardly ate at all. I’m talking, like, a bowl of cereal and a sandwich a day.

  2. ivers said:

    Losing weight costs money? It doesn’t have to. Walking is free. Eating less can actually save you money since you’re spending less on food. What would cost money is if you do it in an unsafe way and end up harming your body. To be safe, most experts recommend aiming to lose about 1-2 pounds per week.

    Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose which part of your body those pounds come from, unless you get plastic surgery. Genetics determine where your body stores its fat, and in what order you lose it when you change your diet and exercise. Crunches and sit-ups can help tone the muscles under your belly fat, but until your body gets rid of that fat, you won’t see them.

  3. Junior said:

    I never was my ideal weight, but now I’m getting close. I wrote a blog about it, read it here http://www.acaiburns.net/


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