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How does anyone lose weight FAST? I need to lose pounds fast and a lot of them each week……
Please give me some advice or tips on how to diet, or tell me your diet plans.
Tell me the calories you eat and what you eat everyday, as well as routines, etc.
Exercise and all that crap lol… I need some help, I’m dying to lose weight, and lose a lot of it FAST in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Lynz said :

    follow this link its good for motivation

  2. Mickey Mouse said :

    All you need to do is excercise. Dieting takes time. Its not somthing you can put off. Don’t go on a certain diet. Excercise 30-60 minutes at least three times a week and maybe every day. Make healthy choices. Don’t eat sweets and eat LOTS of fruit and vegetables. You will lose wait.
    Hope I helped,
    M. Mouse

  3. Uk-2008 said :

    Drink yazoo lol no realy Drink Water about 10 glass every day
    And EAT BREAK FAST <<<

  4. jemmylou said :

    It is not good for your body to lose significant amounts of fat at one time, it may cause saggy skin lol

    Also weight watchers are good for more time but there is special remedies you can get in places like Julian Graves that help.

    Rule out all sugary drink and don’t snack in between meals will really help.

  5. Angela D said :

    Im in the exact same position and not sure how to get out of it either i need to lose weight and want it off fast so many differentdiets ect though i never know what one to follow so im sticking to drinking plenty of water and i been doing star jumps before breakfast and walking 15 mins a day ive only been doing this for 2 days but i feel much better already.
    Only eat foods that u jnow where its came from example – potatoes, chicken, fish with no added bits just natural!

    lots of fruit and veg!

  6. inneedofhelp said :

    always keep a food diary, you will be surprised how much you eat without realising it, have a healthy low fat breakfast, go for a walk, eat a decent dinner, like chicken and veg, never use salt it retains water making you look bloated, and dont eat any carbs after 6 o clock, thats no rice, pasta, potatos, have a salad or soup, i learnt this from a gym owner she is 46 and still has a body to die for, really,

  7. chelseaaaa said :

    i know this sounds corny and all but you should diet, you should chose a new life style. basically just eat in moderation. eat more fruits and veggies and dont be stupid and keep track of calories and this and that. just make sure you done eat garbage like candy, and chips and things like that. dont drink soda…u should just exersice like run and what not daily and be active. just dont go throwing up in ur bathroom every morning becuz ur soo desperate to lose weight. kick it old school and do whats better for ur body. u may not see results RIGHT AWAY but it wil catch up with u. dont stress about it. thats the 1 thing u need to keep in mind.

  8. Elektrisitee said :
    this is how people lose weight fast, and unhealthily.
    If you do it this way, it will come back as soon as you so much as look at a twinkie.

    The best way is to burn more calories than you eat (with a low cal diet, and healthy food) through exercise.
    this site will tell you exactly what to eat with the amount of exercise you do to lose weight, and it is very helpful. Also, you feel great, instead of all sick and weak.

  9. Hodgie said :

    just eat slightly less than you normally do, not so much that you starve, and go to a gym everyday, or every couple of days for a few hours

  10. shadow wolf said :

    Just exercise for 60-90min a day. And ddon’tstop eating or you will loose your energy and all your extra fat will get stored and you will get fatter

  11. nessa_XD said :

    I lost quite a lot of weight in a few months just from changing my daily routine. If u fit it into ur lifestyle it REALLY can work. I didn’t even realise until my clothes stopped fitting me so..


    1) ABANDON YOUR CAR (if u have 1) chose to walk as much as u can and get as much EXERCISE as possible
    2) cut back on fatty foods
    3) Try the upside down diet where u eat a large meal in the morning, this will sustain u throughout the day while u will burn off the calories
    Then eat something LIGHT for lunch and dinner as u tend to burn off less in the evening
    4) stick to foods like brown bread/rice – keep u going for longer

    But whatever u do, don’t starve yourself or cut back on foods that r necessary like carbs. This makes ur body react in a strange way. ur metabolism rate will slow down making u store glucose and u really will get fatter.
    Oh and good luck 🙂

  12. Leahy said :

    join a weight watchersclass, theres good support from other members.You dont have to give any foods up at all and you normally lose 2 lbs a week, thats 8lbs a month not bad. also go walking, its a free form of exercise.

  13. red devil said :

    hiya, i lost 10pounds in a was hard going but this is what i had in a day,i had the same every day for 1 week.
    2 weetabix cup of tea no sugar, 3 slices toast marmite glass water ,apple plenty water melon,cup coffee.small mash potatoes.chicken breast in the oven,not fry-ed,as much water in between meals.i had that all week and lost still on the diet,but don’t need too lose much more weight.i just got use to eating what i ate when i lost the still losing weight,but not as much.

  14. Joe M said :

    My wife was sort of in the same predicament as you. She was just looking to lose a few pounds too, and she seemed to be always on the run. She said the same thing about the heat, and not wanting to go outside. She actually found a really good way to stay at home with the little one and work out, especially her core. She found this book online written by a personal trainer that she says helped out tremendously. I think he has some sort of diet book out now too. Hope that helped. Take care.

  15. Emoothie said :


    It all revolves around your metabolism and what you eat

    -Drink green tea daily

    -Eat small portions frequently throughout the day

    -Try to fit at least 20 min of cardio a day

    -Take a table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar before and after each
    meal (If you are consistent you can lose a pound a week)

    -Eating fruit and organic-no flavor cheerios for breakfast

    -An apple a day truly does help

    -I know it’s cheesy but you also need the right attitude

    -And if you’re willing to do anything to lose weight,INTENSE PILATES

    The average intake is 2,000 calories, so it helps to keep track of everything you eat in a day with a food journal.

    I hope my advice helps!

  16. mike h said :

    You will not lose weight in a couple of weeks, unless you starve yourself to death, technically decomposition can be counted as weight loss?

    You have to EAT HEALTHY, and EXCERCISE!!!!!!!! Its more about a lifestyle change than anything else.

    For a healthy diet, you need to be eating small to medium meals regularly. 4 or even 5 times a day. Each meal (apart from breakfast which should preferably be fibre rich), should contain a balanced ammount of carbohydrates for energy, (from potatoes, rice and pasta, etc) protien (from fish, chicken, occassional red meat is fine, soya is good too) and plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (simple fresh fruit and veg). Eat like this and make sure you are well hydrated (fruit juice is as good as water, any fluid counts, but some fluids have negative effects too, such as alcohol or caffiene rich drinks.)

    You can have a wide range of healthy meals with this, from Thai, Chinese, Italian, British, Indian, etc. Just make sure each meal contains balanced ammounts of these three. This doesn’t mean you cant have chocolate or pizza/takeaway/etc, just save them as very occassional treats.

    The big secret to keeping a healthy weight and staying healthy is EXCERCISE, particularly cardio excercise (running, swimming, cycling, etc).

    Cardio exercise will not only burn calories and reduce your body fat levels, but will also improve your resting heart rate and lung function, making you healthier.

    Strength training will help you strengthen and tone your muscles. Heavy weights with short reps/sets will build your fast twitch muscle fibres and build size, power and strength, but if you use light to medium weights with lots of reps/sets, you wont build size, but you will tone up your body and train muscle endurance. This will obviously make you ‘look’ healthier and more toned, but will also increase your metabolism (as your muscles demand more energy) so you will burn calories faster.

    As far as excercise goes, you should aim to strike a balance between cardio training and strength training, this way you will build good strong and toned muscle, but also keep your body fat levels down and increase your heart and lung performance, making you much fitter and healthier.

    Hope this helps.


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