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How can I lose weight fast, without taking sport?

What is a fast way to lose weight, without exercise? I’m concerned about my health. I’m very unhealthy and overweight. Its not so much what my body looks like, but more of how I feel and how my health is,and if I’m going to keep myself from getting it, I need to lose weight.
Is there a fast way to lose weight?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast, without taking sport?”

  1. jamesmom2 said :

    if you drink soda pop, stop immediately, you will drop pounds within a few weeks from that alone

    eat the same thing every day, your body stores fat when it thinks it isn’t going to be fed, which is why people who crash diet gain all of their weight back, and more, when they start eating again

    see a doctor, you might be surprised how easy it is to receive all the advice you need, based on your own particular needs, from a competent nutritionist, and your family doctor can recommend one, it should be covered by insurance

    you need to know how to eat properly so your body feels nourished but is still getting all the proper nutrients for your age, weight, and mobility

    if you don’t have a family doctor, look in your phone book for a Wellness Center or clinic

    good luck

  2. Omangutang said :

    If you wanna lose weight then you have to burn more calories than you consume. It’s hard to do without exercise especially if you want the result to show fast. But the best tip I know is that as much as you can in the morning, it will speed up your metabolism and allow you to eat more while gaining less weight 🙂

  3. Karamazov said :

    lots of coffee
    will keep you regular
    with moderate amounts of walking it’ll help you lose weight

  4. elma said :


    If you are looking for the fast way to lose weight, I suggest doing what this mom did

    Combining the Acai Cleanse and Rezveratrol to get the best diet result

    Hope this help,


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