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What is a great way to lose weight fast without taking pills?

I’m 16, almost 17, and I’d like to lose weight. I’m not exactly overweight, but I would like to be a little thinner than what I am. Can anyone give me some advice?

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9 Responses to “What is a great way to lose weight fast without taking pills?”

  1. bigclaire said :

    eat less, move more, really that’s it.

  2. Sarah said :

    excersize, and drink lots of water! drinking green tea with every meal is good as well, since it helps absorb and flush out fat =)

  3. Kwuakles said :

    Running is the fastest way

  4. Nikki said :

    Well right now I’m losing 5.5 lbs a week by eating 1200 calories a day (NO MORE than this) and exercising for 35 minutes every day on a Precore. It works for me.

    I can’t take diet pills because they make my heart race and I get a migraine so this is the fastest (and safest) diet I’ve ever found.

  5. ? said :

    Eat less carbohydrates (sugary foods, breads, rice, grains, etc.) and eat more proteins (beans, meats, eggs, etc.) and vegetables. Also, exercise.

  6. niki said :

    i starved myself….dont do that please i put myself in the hospital. you get addicted to not eating its weird. im sharing this so you wont do that to yourself.

  7. Star said :

    Eat healthy and well (count your calories) and exercise at least 1 hour a day. That is the best way!

  8. Nina<3 said :

    weight watchers is the best way to loose weight and keep it off.

  9. lorrievee said :

    I’m 14 turning 15 and i used to be 140 about a month and a bit ago. Now I’m about 127-130
    like you i wasn’t over weight…i was “in proportion”.
    but i wanted to feel better.

    i didn’t have to eat differently or anything like that.
    all i did was work out for about an hour a day.
    what i mean by that is, not the boring stuff all the time like
    weights n stuff but dancing.
    you dont have to be good, all you have to do is keep moving.
    i also did sit ups and crunches mixed in with the dancing.
    trust me you’ll find it more fun than a chore.
    all you need is loud dance music and a big space to jump around in.


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