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How to lose weight fast without dieting?

I’m not overweight, actually my BMI is below weight, but my I need a way to strengthen my abs, quads, and delts so I can look good in a bikini.

I need an exercise (without workout equipment) for each of these muscles, and a quantity (how many I should do daily).

I will award the person who provides the best information “best answer”.

Thank you!

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight fast without dieting?”

  1. Shaumela said :

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  2. Lolly said :

    i do it myself you go jogging,power walking either one…and stay away from sugar…or just go on a sugar fast…and drink lots of water with your meals and eat slowly

  3. krpsky said :

    There is no “fast easy” safe way to lose weight. As for exercises
    Do stomach crunches every day (about 100) then six inches (ie keep your legs six inches off the ground for 10 seconds at a time) do about 25 of these a day
    for your delts and quads -do about 30-50 squats a day holding each squat for about 30 seconds.

  4. horizon said :

    definatly just go swimming and try not to be self concience about how you look in a swimsuit cause it will be worth it. swimming exercises all of the muslces and burns a ton of calories, and you dont even have to work at it that hard. u can burn from 200-400 calories an hour just swimming for leisure . but exact numbers depend on your weight and a few other factors. visit to see a wide list of other activities you could do and it will also tell you about how many calories you will burn doing each activity. u just need to type in things like gender, age, weight and things like that.

    good luck. hope this helps

  5. idexjun said :

    Ab exercises:

    Pretty much do 3 sets of however many reps you can do before you can’t do anymore. 🙂


    It’s going to be hard to really strengthen your quads without workout equipment. Pretty much that one exercise from that link and sprinting are your choices.


    Wide grip Pullups aren’t on that list but oh well. Those will help a lot.

    Good luck! =)

  6. Jeff d said :


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