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How can i lose weight fast without taking pills?

Ok im a little overweight and i need to lose weight fast! i dont want to take any pills. just i want it to be easy and so i can see results in a week! I need to know! please help mee!

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5 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast without taking pills?”

  1. Green hand wikipedia said :

    I found some websites that they offer very good source for loosing your weight.
    They have very good resource without using pill and special diet.
    It worth to stop by:

  2. Lovin Life :) said :

    Dont try any colon cleansers or pills ect.. .if you want to slim down tone up and live healthy this will help! Congrats on wanting to live a healthier life and better yourself this new year!

    Here are some dieting tips 🙂

    Eat breakfast an hour within waking up
    5-6 meals away
    Execute portion control of meals
    Eat as much raw foods as possible
    Limit caffeine to one serving a day
    8 glasses of water at least a day
    take a multivitamin
    No carbs after 2-3pm
    Make sure your eating enough calories
    Lots of lean proteins like white meat and fish
    Make meals in advance…your more likely to eat healthy if its already made
    Drink a glass of water before you eat a snack.. you will be less hungry and eat less
    Pre mix up snacks
    Eat a salad/healthy app. before a meal. Studies show people who do consume 30% less food
    Keep a log of what you eat
    Try to regulate a normal sleeping pattern

    3-4 days of cardio… mix it up and do 1 or 2 of high intensity cardio
    2-3 days of lifting toning 🙂
    Always stretch stretch stretch and do a warm up and cool down

  3. M&M said :

    There are lots of ways to do it and as long as you stay consistent you can shed pounds…The article below (10 Easy Tips to Burn Fat and Keep Your New Year’s Resolution) is very helpful! Good luck!! 🙂

  4. Lani <33 said :

    ok so these are a few steps that helpped me. alot. i was 220 also n now im 140
    ok first. u must drink 3 bottles of tomoato juice.
    second u must slam ur belly at the wall.
    and third u must tell ur mom she sucks tits.
    and that should do the trick
    hope my advice helps 🙂

  5. how to lose 10 lbs in 13 days? said :

    The easiest way to loose weight is eat less that is the secret eat less try eating 6 small meals daily. And do excersice.


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