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How can I lose weight effectively without a lot of exercise?

I already drink a lot of water instead of soda and eat a bit more healthy.. i mix it up between regular water and lipton green tea to go ( 0 calories) “mandarin and mango” flavor…. it seems if i just drink water for a month i lose a lot of weight anyways, but i need to lose at least 50 pounds if not more ( im 18 and weigh 200 lbs!) because its not healthy and many weight affected diseases run in my family…help?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose weight effectively without a lot of exercise?”

  1. rcola717 said :

    To lose weight effectively you have to exercise even if it is only a little bit and on a regular basis. You also have to eat many small meals a day and keep them healthy. If you really want a diet plan, then go on the South Beach diet and that does a good job guiding you food-wise.

  2. R.N. said :

    get out and do some walking. Even a 1/2 mile a day. Also, for a snack, eat dry cereal, like cheerios.

  3. Dashy said :

    It would be much healthier to lose the weight without exercise but if you can find a diet plan that works for you you’ll lose the weight. You have to burn more than you consume.


  4. Colleen said :

    train for a marathon. it’s great motivation to actually exercise.

  5. some random dude said :

    Well..your best bet would be green tea…or white tea..both are extremely safe.

    Green tea does not burn calories directly….but it does help you lose weight. It does this because the antioxidants present within it help to increase the metabolism rate. This in turn aids weight loss..sometimes even losing pounds automatically with little exercise.

    However, if you are really serious about losing that weight…you might want to give “white tea” a try … it is 3 times more effective for weight loss than green tea.
    It has three times the concentration of antioxidants than green tea…so It will increase the metabolism even more. Again leading to fast weight loss.

    You might want to give it a try… these dudes over at are offering free packs for everyone to get started…. I got mine recently and its worked wonders.

    note: The free pack involves Acai as well…. so you can expect a lot more benefits.

    Hope I helped.

  6. greghllwd said :

    Have you considered the Herbalife weightloss product line? I used the shake and supplement product (still do) and I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. You can order the products directly from the site and they actually have packaged programs for specific weightloss needs. Hope that helps!


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