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Can you lose weight fast by eating 6 MEALS A DAY with no exercise?

Just eat eat eat and your metabolism gets faster then you lose the weight is this true Without the exercise

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11 Responses to “Can you lose weight fast by eating 6 MEALS A DAY with no exercise?”

  1. Samuel (James) said :

    I dare you to try it…

  2. azz_tarcomed said :

    Ask Michael Moore

  3. SPLATT said :

    I vote for “YES”. Provided that you only eat ice cubes.

    You do realize that your question has nothing to do with the category you posted it in, don’t you?

  4. blazinjay04420 said :

    IF….IF you eat six meals a day..there supposed to be very light….not really meals at all. Thats actually more healthy for you if you are active, eat 6 light meals a day. cmon you CANT lose weight if you dont exercise. I mean you might, but it will be muscle mass. if you want to lose fat…exercise bro. try P90X….its no joke and good for beginers

  5. DemonFox said :

    Absolutely, as long as you’re eating a celery stick and 1 peanut at every meal.

  6. jaded_star said :

    Its definiltey a fact that you can lose weight by eating small meals frequently throughout the day, 4-6 meals. Key word being smaller meals. Depending on your weight/age now, you would need to determine the total daily calories you should intake (for losing weight) and split that into 6 meals to spread out for the day. Its always best to exercise with weight loss so that you don’t end up with flabby hanging skin and weak muscles, but yes you can lose weight that way without exercise.

    Edit: Here is a good daily needs calorie calculator:

  7. kathy_is_a_nurse said :

    NOT EXACTLY… You will be more LIKELY to lose weight if you eat 6 healthy SMALL meals a day versus 2 or 3 big ones. It keeps your blood sugar in the normal level, keeps your body from going into starvation mode, AND keeps you from gorging on unhealthy foods because you are hungry.

  8. teracer18 said :

    I eat 6 gallons of dark Chocolate nut Ice Cream every day and have lost 56 lbs

  9. porker70 said :


  10. Capitalist and proud of it said :

    Sure. I eat six Nutrisystem items (meals, desserts and snacks) a day and don’t exercise. I’ve lost 20 pounds since Jan. 1st.

  11. Wyman said :



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