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How can I lose weight fast without having to buy pills, diets, systems, etc.?

I turned 14 this April and I weigh about 130 lbs. I’m four ft. eleven and a half inches, and I’m also quite broad. My mom is always pestering me about my height and weight, and I want to lose weight and get a bit taller fast, without taking weight loss pills.

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6 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast without having to buy pills, diets, systems, etc.?”

  1. some,random,guy said :

    well you have to plan it out

    First you will have to diet and that means no fried food, chips, pop, sugar food. switch to whole grain instead of white bread. Second excersize, run about 1-2 miles a day on monday, wednesday, friday, and sunday. then do a 5 min warm up and weight lifting on tuesday, thursday, saturday.

  2. [email protected] said :

    Drink water, walk/speedwalk at least 20 minutes a day, and watch your calorie intake.

  3. Slim Body said :

    *You really don’t need butter on the baked potato. Savings? 100 calories

    * Drink water instead of a 16 ounce soda. Savings? 200 calories

    * Have a salad instead of that tempting Big Mac. The Big Mac equals 460 calories. Have a fresh salad along with a light dressing? Less than 100! Savings? 360 calories

    * Pass by the bag of potato chips. An average snack size bag of chips has over 300 calories. Savings? 300 calories

    *Eat corn on the ear. A 1 cup serving of canned corn has 165 calories. An ear of corn has 85. Savings? 80 calories.

    * Switch to low-fat cream cheese on your bagel. Savings? 90 calories per ounce.

    *Love french fries and have a hard time giving them up? Switch to the thicker steak cut fries rather than the thinner ones. The thinner French fries absorb a whole lot more oil than the thicker ones. Savings? 50 calories per 4 ounce serving

    If you’d rather look at losing weight from an exercise perspective, you can also lose one pound a week by upping your activity level by 500 calories a day. How easy can that be? Take a look:

    * Take a half-hour walk around the park. You need to aim for a pace that is little faster than a stroll, but not too fast, you don’t want to get breathless. Burn:160 calories.

    * Get out your bike and take a ride. Aim for about five miles total and if you feel like it you can take on a few moderate hills. Burn: 250 calories

    * Go dancing – and really DANCE. The longer you’re out on the floor instead of at the table drinking up high-calorie drinks, the more you’ll get out of it. Dancing that makes you breathless and warms up your body will net you a nice calorie savings. Burn: 400 calories for one hour

    *Swimming is something that is great for you to do and a ton of fun as well. The resistance in the water means that you will be bale to burn more calories dancing or walking in it and you will avoid the stress impact on joints from aerobics. A few laps as a slow crawl is wonderful you can get up to an hour you’ll be doing even better! Burn: 510 calories

    * You should get out and do some gardening. An hour of working in your garden (i.e. bending over, and stretching) can burn up to as many calories as a brisk walk. Burn: 250 calories.

    * Play a game of tennis. Hook up with a friend for a weekly tennis game and you’ll be amazed at the difference. One hour of vigorous tennis is one of the best calorie burners around. Burn: 800 calories

  4. ★Nicolette★ said :

    you should eat at least 4-5 meals a day.

    drink lots of water, and eat regularly. don’t starve yourself, because once you start eating again, you’ll gain everything back, trust me.

    eat lots of fruits and veggies, and if you eat bread, make sure it’s whole grain. white bread is pretty fattening. you can also eat lean meats, like fish, turkey and chicken breast. eggs also help when trying to lose weight.

    skip out on sweets, candy, sugary foods, chips, ice cream, cake, and cookies.

    if you feel hungry, but don’t want to over eat, chew gum. it’ll keep your mouth busy and it tricks yourself into thinking your eating.

    cut out ALL soda! if you stop drinking soda, it helps you out a lot!
    and don’t forget to exercise!

    try walking, jogging, jump rope, dancing, crunches, bike riding and swimming. try exercising for 45-80 minutes a day.
    good luck!

  5. rll9666 said :

    I am 22 yo and I lost 50lbs in just one month by following the tips found on this site:
    They offer some of the best advice you can get in one single place.
    Go check it out!
    Wish you luck in your diet!

  6. wfy24 said :

    I know this is long reply. But please take your time and read this. I know this work.
    Water is very good for you and specially if you’re on diet and if you’re working out-water is very good and keeps you hydrated.
    I don’t believe in pills or any weight loss shakes-they are bogus and lame and are temporally and have many side effects.

    First loose the soda, cut down on pizza and fast food.
    If you like fires make ’em at home in oven. They come out very yummy and oil free.

    Key is to eat small portions 5 times a day.
    Morning: boiled eggs, corn flakes, fat free milk, if you want to fry eggs loose the yolk and eat the white part.
    Morning snack around 10:30am-11am: a piece of fruit / 2 cups of veggie/ salad
    Lunch: Turkey / Chicken lunchmeat with whole grain or wheat bread.
    1 Cup of veggies.
    Mid day snack (around 2:30pm or so) a piece of fruit or health bar.
    Dinner: Grill fish with veggies / brown rice with beans/ wheat pasta with grill chicken.
    9pm snack (optional-only if you feel lil hungry 2 hours before your sleep time) have yogurt.

    The key is to loose red meat and pork and add more wheat products to your diet. Drink lots of water. As you can read i did not talk about any sweet products. Sweet only from fruits no cookies no cake no brownies.None of that. Sweet things have more and load and calories. Take your protein because you would need that protein for your work out.

    For hips, behind and thighs one thing SQUATS and LUNGES helps a lot!
    SQUATS are hard to do in start but once you get use to of it, no problem
    for butt is “BUTT BLASTER” EXERCISE. You can do it in your bedroom. To see how to perform those exercises, you can go image google put the key word and check out the pics and that will give you idea on how to perform those exercises. All the exercises i told you, you can do it in your bedroom, no need to go to gym or buy any equipment.

    Start by doing 3 sets of 15 each.

    Believe me you will see results within a month.
    I have told other people too, this entire veggies and fruit intake will make you very regular and you will make about 4 trips to the bathroom, so be prepare.


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