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How can i lose weight fast and without pills?

i weight 155 lbs. and i want to get down to 120-130 lbs. fast

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9 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast and without pills?”

  1. funnybone said :

    walking with a sauna suit

  2. Kate P said :

    starve yourself a little

  3. i love him<3 said :

    out with all the soda and junk food (if you eat junky food and drink soda)

    eat all healthy stuff.
    look at online diets.

  4. Omar said :

    I quit drinking cokes and only drank water, and limited myself to about 1500 calories a day. I lost about 10 pounds a week with my normal excersice program of 45 min a day. 5 days a week.

  5. One Lone Tree said :

    use your common sense, and heres the basics

    1. Eat smaller meals, you may eat healthly but you may be eating too much at ,meal time

    2. Obciously cut out all the sugery and fatty stuff from your pantry

    3. Dont do heavy excerise, just when your watching TV, maybe get up and start shaking around, as a warm up or your body

    Losing weight fast is not healthy, i mean in the furture, you will have trouble with yuour vital organs, and its will weaken your entire body system

    Im sorry, everyone wants a quick fix, there is no such thing, Maybe 200 years from now they will have made some sort of wonder pill, but its 2008, and we havent advanced!!

    OR if your really seirous, buy some worm eggs and eat them, youll be shedding the kilos in no time!!

  6. Orlando Monkey said :

    you must exercise daily it will make you lose weight easily

  7. l1pgl055 said :

    hey, i’m trying to lose at least 24 lbs before school which is in 3 weeks. and i know how. i lost 6 lbs in 2 days.
    i follow my mom’s diet, which helped her lose 30-40 lbs in 1 month. i know its unhealthy, but she told me she gained it some back 🙁
    but yeah.
    eat eggs for breakfast, nothing else.
    never eat rice or bread, i stopped eating rice and lost weight.
    dont eat too much
    drink plenty of water.
    dont eat junk food.

    every other day i go swimming for 2-3 hours and on the rest days i go walking for 20-30 minutes and play tennis for about 30 minutes.
    you dont have to do tennis, just any other sprot you like.

    hope i helped.
    it totally worked for me, i glad.
    i was 122 lbs, now im 116… and still going
    im still young though.

    so yeah.
    hope i helped.
    and dont tell anyone else my idea.
    its my mom’s.
    thank her.

  8. Sistabb said :

    I just don’t believe there are any quick fixes for weight loss. Try getting a trainer or research online what exercises is best for the areas you want to lose the weight.

  9. mansionghost said :

    Drink plenty of water
    have six small rather then three meals
    donteat after 6pm
    Try the lil Jack Ecercie Program


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