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does anyone know a really fast way to lose weight without using pills and excercse?

i need to lose weight really fast in 1 week, but i am not old enough to take pills and i am lazy. what do i do?

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13 Responses to “does anyone know a really fast way to lose weight without using pills and excercse?”

  1. Fubes said :

    eat healthy

  2. thecomfycolorfulrcouch said :

    well, eat veggies 🙂

  3. philbertpheinstein said :

    You could use a potato peeler..

  4. besavatris said :

    i would guess stop being lazy and you may shed those lbs

  5. Meme said :

    Well – one can lose water weight from drinking dandelion tea. You can get it in health food isles at grocery stores. But only one cup a day or you may get dehydrated.

  6. CB55 said :

    the only way to lose weight healthy is to exercise and to cut down on eating.

    although it’s not the best for you. fasting may be the way to go, water syrup lemon juice and caynne pepper. but i don’t reallly recommend it

  7. King D said :

    weight watchers
    my mom did this and lost 7lbs. in a week
    don’t be lazy if you are serious about losing weight

  8. shilo. said :

    if you can swim that wad be good.

  9. tftm1994 said :

    if u wanted to lose weight that bad you would exersice

  10. Arielle F said :

    uhh the only healthy way is eating right and excersising.
    like cardio excersise.
    you now like running jogging taking your dog for a walk.
    and if you dont want to excersise then you would chose an unhealthy way
    bullimia or anorexia. and even from that you wont lose like 50 pounds in 7 days.
    well maybbe you should excersiseee and stop being lazzy ,.

  11. Ellaa Xtasy said :

    If you wanna lose it fast, do a juice fast. I’m on one at the moment. It’s healthy and cleanses your body while enabling you to lose weight at an optimum level.
    Doing a gentle form of exercise during fasting speeds up elimination of toxins and maintains muscle.

    Look on the net or at a bookstore for more information.
    Good luck, however you choose to lose.

  12. Beka101 said :

    Eat really healthy or try to add a bit of spice to your meal for breakfast try peaches or apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon for lunch maybe a prawn/shrip salad with a bit of chilli powder (not too much as it is very bad to have to much) and for dinner maybe a nice hot dinner?? this is a 2 day plan but aparently it works 🙂 hope it does have fun losing weight

  13. OYVCLAz said :

    * Take one pound at a time
    * Set Reachable Goals
    * Stay off the scales
    * Stay focused on being healthy, not thin
    * Fat Free?
    * Drink plenty of water
    * Reward yourself
    * Seek help if you need it
    * Watch your portions
    * Eat your food slowly

    search How to Lose Weight Naturally?:


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