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How can lose weight fast, without using any of those silly advertisment products?

I want to lose weight before the summer. I’m not fat, but i think i really need to lose weight.
Do you know of any good diets???

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12 Responses to “How can lose weight fast, without using any of those silly advertisment products?”

  1. smile said :

    you don’t want to lose weight FAST like I did =/
    I lost 4/5 kg in about 2 months… I was an anorexic/bulemic…. and now I have hypoglycemia . It’s terrible.
    Cause when you want to have control over your body-weight, it ends up having control over you.

    I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndome) and viewed my tummy as FAT just because it was bloated. I starved myself to death, hoping my tummy would be flat. My tummy is still not FLAT, but now my arms/legs are skinnier(even my feet and hands are boney) and it bugs me because that’s not what I wanted.

    Try tabata/ (it’s a sport)
    try to eat healthier, drink more water. Avoid Fast-food if you’re a junky (I wasn’t)
    but please don’t diet. It’s REALLY fucked-up. You miss on nutrients… can’t keep it up anyway.. =/

  2. Killian Thatcher said :

    The key for losing weight is not difficult – consume less food and exercise more – the problems surface when we actually try to put that into operation! There are loads of stumbling blocks in the big wide world aren’t there?! I found some good information by visiting the web resource in the box below, they have loads of tips, I melted away 5 pounds by following their helpful advice.

  3. Brendan said :

    A lot are very similar but all have the line, exercise. look up diet on most search engines and you will be flooded, if it is just maintenance a good diet and exercise matched with common sense works. i might write a book,

  4. Shavon Zawislak said :

    You should use acomplia, it is the best about it you can get information from here

  5. Rose . said :

    hi dear
    just follow these simple tips to shed extra pounds from your weight
    – take balanced diet
    – take 5 meals in the day
    – add fruits and vegetables in your meals
    – zip your lips for fried and fast foods
    – avoid colas and sweets
    – drink more water and fresh juice
    – do regular workout, yoga or brisk walk
    – think positive and keep smiling
    good luck


  6. Mini said :

    The best way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is through changing your eating habits and exercising regularly.

    1. Choose whole grains.

    2. Drink plenty of water.

    3. Choose lean meats and fish.

    4. Know the portion sizes for your calorie target.

    5. Limit fats to an average of 15 grams per meal.

    6. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

    7. Work out for no less that 45 minutes, 4-5 days a week.

    8. Select foods with less than 3 grams of fat per 100 calories.

    9. Choose pretzels, baked chips, fat-free popcorn instead of fries and chips.

    10. Avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oils, trans-fats and high-fructose corn syrup.

    11. Choose cereal, bread, crackers or chips that contain 2 or more grams of fiber per 100 calories.

    12. Choose fat-free or low-fat variety of foods especially when it comes to dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt).

  7. Health said :

    If you want to lose weight, you need to two things: eat less and exercise more. Weight gain happens when you create a calorie surplus (eat more than you burn). Your body takes the excess calories and converts them to fat which get stored around your stomach, arms and thighs. The longer you remain in a calorie surplus, the more weight you’ll gain. To lose that weight, you need to do the opposite. You need to create a calorie deficit (start eating less than you burn).

    Your first step is to figure out how many calories you burn on a daily basis. Use a calorie calculator – The number you get from this tool is what your body burns on a daily basis. To lose weight, simply eat less. It sounds a lot easier than it is but making small changes helps you adjust to a new lifestyle. Don’t think of this as a diet, think of it as a new life. Instead of eating foods high in sugars, white flour and saturated fat, go with fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, fish, lean meats, nuts and beans. In addition to eating less, you also need to exercise more. Start off at 1-2 times per week and work your way up to 3-5 times per week.

    Don’t make all of these changes at once or you won’t be able to properly adjust to them. Generally, eating healthier foods will decrease your calorie intake. Compare a doughnut to an apple and you’ll see that healthy foods are lower in calories. You can find some more information at the Straight Health Forums –

  8. Sport Fan said :

    Do the FX 12 fat burning workout and diet program. It’s a 12 day workout and diet plan you can cycle as many times a you want. The workout videos and diet are free on the Fat X 101 blog. It’s an awesome program to tone up! Good luck!

  9. Smile Sun said :

    Whenever you can, lean against a wall with your hands flattened against the wall and in such a way that your face is very close to the wall. Then use you hands to push your body away from the wall. Do these two or three times at a stretch.If there is a pool nearby go for swims as often as you can, swimming is one of the best exercises. Water has a lot of advantages. And if nothing else, a cool dip in a pool is a wonderful stress reliever.

  10. Frisr Sume said :

    Join an online support group. In my case, I created my own – FatBlasters. It’s essential that you not feel alone, and reaching out to friends (new or old) is typically a smart move. I just heard about PeetTrainer, but didn’t know about it when I began down the road to weight loss. You have to know that others are out there for moral support – they know things that you couldn’t possibly know, and they’ve probably been “in your shoes” at some point in the past (or present). Share stories, laughter, tears, successes, and failures – share them. There are thousands of communities out there, so keep looking until you find the one that fits you.

  11. amy b said :

    Okay, so let me tell you what I learned. I learned that if I used Metamucil that i would eat less, add healthy fiber to my diet, cut my cholesterol, and suck up some of my dietary fat. This might be an option for you too.

    I have written 3 big and detailed articles about why and how Metamucil works in each of these ways. Here are the links to these articles. I wrote these in hopes that what I have learned would somehow help somebody else.

    Oh, by the way, I lost 40 pounds in a healthy way over 9 months or so, with no diet pills!

    Lose weight with metamucil article:…

    How Metamucil helps you to lower your cholesterol levels without the use of cholesterol drugs:…

    How Metamucil sucks up some of the fat in your diet article:…

    I hope that the knowledge I have learned helps somebody else out!

  12. Fafda Dada said :

    Reduce your intake of pork. Pork is not something that can help you to lose weight. So the lesser pork you eat the better chances you have of losing weight. And remember that pork includes the pork products as well, things like bacon, ham and sausages. Watch your fat intake. Each fat gram contains 9 calories so by reading the total calories on a food and knowing the quantity of fat, you can estimate the % of fat, which should in no way exceed 30% of the food.


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