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Question for those who are trying to lose weight fast???

I’m curious. I’ve read several posts about people who are trying to lose as much weight as possible quickly. One person wants to go without eating, another person wants to limit themselves to 600 calories per day.

Why are you in such a hurry to lose weight fast? Why not work on a safer diet that won’t harm your body but will allow you to lose weight permanently?

Isn’t it more important to keep the weight off?

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One Response to “Question for those who are trying to lose weight fast???”

  1. devon1754 said :

    I believe so… However, I am one of those who wants to lose weight fast. I just got done with my first play and saw video footage of it and OH MY GOSH did I not look good (to myself). I am going to be trying out for Rocky Horror Picture Show in two weeks and want to lose as much as possible in that time. THEN, I want to work to keep it off. Many people have their own reasons… Hopefully they will all make the right choice in the end.


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