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Do you loose weight fast when you stop eating ?

Do you tend to loose weight faster if you stop eating, or if you throw up your food?

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6 Responses to “Do you loose weight fast when you stop eating ?”

  1. Rebecca Sutheran said :

    When you stop eating, your body goes into starvation, and this saves fat, the only weight you will lose, is water and muscle tissue. So basically, you will probably end up getting fat even by not eating.

  2. stephielou said :

    no you would lose a little but when you start eating again you would put it all on again, and maybe more cus your body will think its starving and start storing fat. a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise is the best way to lose weight.

  3. valery kolsrud said :

    It is feasible to lose weight fast but you should be realistic and comprehend that if you lose weight quickly then you will probably put it all back on again just as quickly. I lost 9 pounds during the last couple of weeks when I had a wedding to attend, and I did it by following the guidance presented on the web portal in the box below.

  4. Alyy said :

    No thats unhealthy … Example : Say if u starved yourself for a month (impossible) you’d lose 20 pounds but when you start eating again you’d gain twice as more then you lost excersize the main thing to lose weight

  5. sbr said :

    Stop eating is no solution for anything, it only affect your health in many ways. Please do not stop eating for reducing weight. weight reduction needs more physical exercise along with normal eating that you are following now. If your diet counts more than the needed calories, then you have to curtail calories, especially the fat items. some people lose weight easily by exercising than others. For this there is scientific reason, and one should not be disheartened about this. Even if the weight loss is slow, you should not try to make it faster by depriving yourself of food.
    Remember, the trick to weight loss lies in your determination along with exercise and balanced diet. This has to be followed religiously for some time without looking at the time period. You will gain success eventually. There are some methods through which fat can be lessened in the body, but be careful to evaluate the side effects of those. For more information, please open the links given below.

  6. beatle said :

    ur all wrong


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