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How fast can I lose weight if I stop eating bread and pasta?

carbs are my ultimate weakness. you put a plate of pasta and bread in front of me and I will eat it all in one sitting, guaranteed. you can’t even tell me to eat it in moderation. I don’t know how to eat pasta and bread in moderation….no one should expect it from me, it won’t happen. bread and pasta is my biggest problem when it comes to trying to lose weight.
anyways, I’ve decided to stop eating bread and pasta altogether until I make it to my goal weight. how fast can I lose weight this way?

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5 Responses to “How fast can I lose weight if I stop eating bread and pasta?”

  1. enjoy said:

    Because bread and pasta are full of sugar

  2. i♥me said:

    Pretty quickly. I basically eliminate all carbs out of my diet. Except like I’ll have a veggie roasted whole wheat sandwhich like once a month.. That’s about it though. The first time I ever quit carbs, I lost 10lbs in one month! Without exercising.. It was just healthy eating! In the past 4 weeks, I lost like 10lbs though with exercise & dieting

  3. ad_13_28 said:

    Basically you will be in Phase one of the South Beach diet. In this phase, you can lose 8-13 lbs in the first two weeks. But when you reach your goal weight and start eating carbs again, you will start gaining again. It would be a better idea to count your calories and exercise. That is what I am doing, and I have lost 10 lbs in the last week.

  4. Rekhilesh said:

    weight lose with protocol.Its the best product i ever used

  5. SuperGirl! said:

    Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day to maintain performance of normal activities, such as

    walking, breathing, sleeping, and thinking. Depending on your size, your body will require a different amount

    of calories each day.

    On the flip side, if you eat too few calories your body will think its starving. This phenomenon goes back to

    the days of the caveman, when cave people weren’t really sure when or where they would find their next meal.

    The body learned to store excess calories as fat for future use.

    Well, we no longer live like that as we, fortunately and unfortunately, have unlimited access to food thanks

    to modern conveniences. What this means is, if you’re not eating enough calories your body will store the

    calories it does get as fat rather than trying to burn those calories. That sounds counterproductive, and it

    is. That’s why it’s important to feed your body regularly with the right amount of calories from the right


    One pound of fat equals about 3500 calories of stored energy. To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories

    each day or get your butt to the gym and burn off those calories. It’s that easy – you don’t need to be a

    mathematician to lose weight, you just need to start taking a look at some of your daily habits.

    Losing weight could mean shaving an extra 250-500 calories off your daily intake. Start your morning with a

    tall latte? Just one Vanilla Latte could pack an extra 250+ calories onto your daily caloric intake. By simply

    substituting your latte with regular coffee or green tea you could reduce your caloric intake substantially.

    If you want to try more exercise, calorie-burning activities such as walking to work, going for a jog with a

    friend, or taking the kids on a bike ride are all fun and easy ways to increase your daily activity level.


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