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What are some ways that will help me loose weight fast, and make me thin?

See ive been fat for almost all my life. I weigh about 123 and im 5’1. Is there any ways that will make me thin and loose weight fast, thanx… 😀

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5 Responses to “What are some ways that will help me loose weight fast, and make me thin?”

  1. Al said :

    drink more water, eat more fruits, walk 3 days a week (uphill is better) and dont eat too late. Simple as that.

  2. Lollie P said :

    water fast! u lose at least a pound a day and its good for your health. google it

  3. mommy of2 said :

    hunny 123 is not fat by any stretch of the imagination…i wish i could weight that much again after 2 kids i weight 195 at 5’4

  4. Sarah R said :

    Do what movie stars do when they need to lose weight for a role.

    They eat like 1 meal a day and stick to that until they feel sorta weak… then they recover by eating regularly for a day or two and then they go back to eating once a day. And they keep this up until they’re at the shape they need to be.

  5. John S said :

    you’ve been fat almost all your life yet you need to lose weight *fast* ? What’s the matter, running late on a train? Count how many years you’ve been fat and take a 10-20% of that number, that’s how long it will take to lose that weight.

    Obviously it depends a lot, but what is it with people wanting to completely change their lifestyle “fast” It doesn’t happen just like someone making 10$/hour isn’t going to get a job that pays 300/hour “fast”

    Get a good diet, diet is key to weight loss, no diet = no weight loss, ever, not even “slow weight loss” once you have a diet you can follow without cheating. Start doing some exercises. Do it for long enough (like I said, 10-20% of the amount of time you’ve been fat) and you will lose weight and become thin.

    You can also try some supplements that may help your weight loss, but again, no diet =no weight loss, doesn’t matter what the ad says.


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