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What are some fast (but safe) ways for unactive teens to get active and loose weight fast?

Are there any good (and fast) ways for unactive teens to get motivated and loose weight quickly and easily while getting into shape. We are looking for things that aren’t boring, involve too much pain, easy, and fast.

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9 Responses to “What are some fast (but safe) ways for unactive teens to get active and loose weight fast?”

  1. ihave5katz said :

    My girls roller blade during the off seasons to stay in shape and keep limber.

  2. alwaysmoose said :

    I was going to say hire some street toughs to chase them home every day.

  3. diobalikal said :

    So you want to take a bunch of lazy teens and get them in shape by being lazy??? Sorry they will have to hurt, take some time and it is never easy.

  4. Mal said :

    Running is fun if you live in a safe neighborhood.

  5. donna c said :

    dancing! i swear, when i was dancing for atleast four times a week, i lost 15 pounds in a two months, also drink plenty of water, watch the music channel and dance flaunt your stuff in front of the tv, get some five pound weights if you’d like and dance. I swear it works, don’t get too dehydrated.

  6. qhowarddad said :

    If your kids are into the video games…by all means take it away from them and send them outside. This is something that has worked for years. It was passed down from my grandparents to my parents and now on to me. It really works.

  7. Garacaius said :

    Walking is always good, hiking can be fun and is good. Swimming is most excellent for getting in shape.

  8. EdwinRools said :

    Try taking self defence classes such as karate. Its so fun and you wont even know your losing weight.

  9. Kelsie said :

    I know this one.
    Except I’m not a Teen yet.
    But I was very unactive, fat, overweight, and unhealthy.
    Then I became vegatarian and joined sports
    went on a 3+ mile bike ride EVERYDAY, or just a walk, and
    I made sure I ate the healthy foods and still got some sweets.
    1. You don’t need to be vegatarian to lose weight, but you should
    add more vegatarian foods into your diets. Like fruits, anykinds, veggies anykinds, and morning star foods. also you should shop more at trader joes and watch out for trans fat.

    2. Join sports and take up yoga or palaties.
    Join a close Gym. They should have something you like.
    Find a sport YOU like and play that alot.

    3. Search up negative calorie list on google. those are the fruits and veggies you should be getting.Also search Premium Wu-Long tea on ebay. for cheaper prices and full detail.

    4. have a sweet everynow and then.
    No sweets= no life.

    Trust me this will work.
    may not take 4 weeks but
    it helped me from changing my favorite food from cinnamon rolls to rasberries and ricecrispies(home made.). =]]]
    I lost alot of wieght.
    just dont go UNDERWIEGHT.

    Don’t go to far with this because your parents will suspect things
    By the way. Good luck.


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