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Please give me some good advice for foods to eat so I can loose weight fast and safely?

I dont have alot of money dont want surgery but want to loose like 75 lbs fast! I hate my body and its getting me very depressed!

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2 Responses to “Please give me some good advice for foods to eat so I can loose weight fast and safely?”

  1. allie said :

    Give up meat! Stay away from fast food, fried food, soda and junk food. Eat fresh veggie and fruits. Low fat dairy for protein. Walk everyday if you can.

  2. reenaay77 said :

    I don’t think you have to give up meat to lose weight. I do however think you should let go of the fast food. I tried an eating plan once where you eat every 2-3 hours. It was awesome. I lost a lot of weight. I think though the best diet I was on was when I exercised every day. I ate home cooked meals, that did not include fried foods or fast food. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables..but I exercised too. I lost around 30 lbs in a month ..but that is the way my body may not work like that for everyone. I did not do anything extreme. I simply jumped rope every morning for about a minute and I did pilates every night. Occasionally I did a dance workout..but not as much as I jumped rope. I know this is long but I just want you to know where I am coming from. Good luck and maybe you can email me and let me know about your progress…whichever way you choose to lose.


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