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Will not eating and exerscising alot help me lose weight fast?

I plan to not eat and exerscise for a few weeks.Will this help me lose at least 5 pounds or more.

I know this sounds unhealthy but I dont know how else to lose 5-10pounds a week. And I do wanna lose 5-10 pound per week because I know when I gewt off the diet I wiil keep the weight off.
I just wanna hurry up and lose weight and get it over with

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5 Responses to “Will not eating and exerscising alot help me lose weight fast?”

  1. Andy B said :

    Absolutly not. You dont want to lost 5-10 pounds a week. Your body needs nutrients from foods, like carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, even fat. Consume good, healthy foods and formulate a good excersize plan and it will come off.

    (im a dietetics student)

  2. E said :

    You can’t just stop eating. You will slow weight loss and teach your body to save more food as fat in case it needs to survive off of body fat again.

    There’s no healthy way to lose 5-10 lbs. per week. If you starve yourself and then start eating again, you will gain it all back and then some. Trust me, I’ve done it.

    The right thing to do is exercise, exercise, exercise (an hour per day, 5 days a week isn’t unreasonable if you’re ambitious enough) and eating healthy, low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar foods. Go for lean meats, steamed veggies, raw fruits, and whole grains. Do it the right way and your body will thank you, not hate you!

  3. Aryn said :

    Not eating and overexercising will make you lose weight fast but it will also have extremely bad consequences. You will feel sick and tired a lot, nauseous, and obviously hungry. Do not stop eating. Im sure you know all about eating disorders and think once its off its off but that is not true. Either you wont be able to eat normally once you get to your “goal” weight, or once you hit it, you return to your normal eating pattern and regain it all. Eat less and exercise more, but please please do not stop eating. I am a recovered anorexic and I have seen the consequences of this too many times.

  4. mamapie2u said :

    Well you’ve hit the nail on the head…. it is VERY unhealthy to lose weight like that. And besides, when you reach your goal, you’re going to be so hungry you will gain all the weight you lost plus more, back in no time. Just lose weight the right way. Why are you trying to lose weight so fast anyhow?

  5. Ginny Weasley said :

    No. Not eating can ake you NOT lose weight, in many different ways. It’s unhealthy to lose that much weekly, and you say you’re gonna keep it off after your “diet”, but if you plan to keep it off, it’s a lifestyle choice. You gotta keep it off by continuing to eat healthy and exercise. It’s not just an “I want to get this over with ” thing.


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