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How fast can i lose weight eating one meal a day?

i want to lose weigh so i thought of eating only dinner untill i reach my goal. How fast could i lose weight?

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8 Responses to “How fast can i lose weight eating one meal a day?”

  1. bello said :

    Eating a meal a day can still hurt you,cos you can develop peptic ulcer but eat 3 meals a day devoid of fat and too much carbohydrate. Carbage, vegetables,carrots and fruits can help but avoid toomuch sugar.
    It is necssary to avoid eating a meal a day as this can make you overeat when you eventually settle down to eat.Avoid eating large meals at once. Taking too much time between meals make you hungrier and can make you eat more leading to overweight.

  2. Sage said :

    That’s not a good way of losing weight at all. You actually slow down your metabolism by doing that, which does the opposite of help you to lose weight. Not to mention the lack of nutrition and suffering.

    How about instead of eating one meal a day, you instead eat 6 small meals a day that consist mostly of low calorie vegetables. Why not work out while you’re at it?

    I’ll tell you this right now… there is no easy way to become fit, so don’t bother looking for it. Just work hard and you’ll be rewarded.

  3. Lexie Bluntville said :

    that’s a really stupid idea!
    Eat about 200 calories every four hours.

    Snacks Like
    – a handful of nuts
    – a piece of fruit
    – light peanut butter on one slice of whole wheat bread
    – Veggies
    – Egg Whites with one piece of low fat cheese


  4. snow L said :

    ** Eat six mini meals a day. Exercise and before every meal, drink two tall glasses of water, (about 16 oz.) this will fill you up and you will automatically eat less. This really works, so be patient. Good Luck to you

  5. The Wild Man said :

    try this
    The Baby jack workout really works 🙂

  6. !~chives~! said :

    honestly u can. I was losing a pound a day when I was just drinking a chocolate carnation shake in the morning and eating at 8 at night. Its hard but worth it. I havent gained weight… just stayed the same after losing weight.

  7. chelsea said :

    it is fine to eat one meal a day just make sure you eat at least 650 calories at that meal. eating one meal a day is not a diet plan you have to continue it for life because the second you stop and start eating normaly you will blow up. i started eating one meal a day and exersizing i started at 175 and am now 110…hope this helps and good luck:)

  8. Norman Alwang said :

    friend, sweet page for this topic. There are lots of opinions- wonderful job.


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