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How can i lose weight Fast By eating very little and working out during soccer?

i play for my high school soccer team and i feel my body changing rapidly.i feel my stomach turning into a gut and i have love handles that are just disgusting too look at! ive been trying to starve myself the past three days and im improving on it and not cheating i just want a nice body and i think i weigh too much for my size i am 5’4 and weigh 137 which is heavy i wanna weigh at least 115 or 120 please helppp

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3 Responses to “How can i lose weight Fast By eating very little and working out during soccer?”

  1. Chrissy said :

    eat loads of fruits and veggies. You cant get fat off that plus it speeds up your metabolism. No sugar,Carbs, or junk. No diet drinks. All water or herbal teas. You’ll lose it fast

  2. T M said :

    DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. that can lead to even more worse problems. even if its the simplest thing as fainting or passing out. especially if you play a sport you need to be well fed and nourished. EAT HEALTHY FOODS. fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans. things that contain more nutrients. good luck:)

  3. Killy said :

    Undress and stare at yourself in front of your mirror. If what you see displeases you, then you have all the more reason to work out. Try tucking in the extra fat in all those wide areas, this will give you an idea of which part you need to be working on. Turn to you side and get a very good view of your side profile. This is an excellent way of checking whether you have a tummy that is starting to bulge or has bulged already. Try pulling in air and then take a look at your tummy; if it has gone in even a little bit, there is hope for you. If you start now, you can control it where it is now and may be if you really set your mind to it; you can lose a couple of inches in a just a few weeks. Weighing your self on your bathroom scales is a good idea but personally I would recommend this mirror viewing. To be very frank, a few pounds gain may shock you but does not really disgust you. But a flabby figure and extra fat certainly will.


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