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I just started working out and eating healthy and I was wondering how to lose weight fast?

what kind of exercises burn the most calories and how to lose my side handles?

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10 Responses to “I just started working out and eating healthy and I was wondering how to lose weight fast?”

  1. Ana said :

    t the beginning is very hard, but you have to make a lot of exercises and eat less than 1,000
    I hate doing exercises but is the most important .

  2. Df said :

    an ECA stack can really help, but you need to be careful. they can be bad for your heart.

  3. Sandra said :

    hm.. Try something like a

    Acomplia (generic name: Rimonabant; brand names: Bethin / Monaslim / Remonabent / Riobant / Slimona / Rimoslim / Zimulti) is an anti-obesity drug.

    Acomplia is the first in a new class of therapeutic agents called cannabinoid-1 receptor blockers (CB1) destined to treat obesity and related conditions. It is also effective in smoking cessation therapy.

    Acomplia reduces your appetite so you eat less. It acts directly on fat cells to prevent some weight gain. It may also reduce fear and anxiety by reducing the injection of adrenaline into your brain.

    Because Acomplia acts on the lipid system to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood stream, it indirectly helps to prevent the onset, or progression, of arteriosclerosis (a general hardening of the arteries). It also helps to reduce some of the cardiovascular problems connected with the build-up of fatty deposits in and around the heart. This effect works in combination with your efforts to improve your levels of physical fitness and should reduce the need to have surgery for the insertion of a stent or other interventions to assist your heart function. Finally, there is evidence that it may help to control Type 2 Diabetes.

    Acomplia works to block some of the chemistry forming the pleasure centres of the brain. The most obvious example of the benefits that can flow from this is the improved ability to stop smoking. Acomplia seems to break the associational link between a recreational drug and the expected pleasurable effect. This makes it easier to break patterns of addiction and dependence. Clinical trials have found that Acomplia is effective in supporting people who want to quit taking both hard drugs like cocaine and soft drugs like cannabis. The drug works by reducing the general desire for that kind of pleasure and fewer people who take Acomplia relapse into drug abuse.

    Some researchers also suggest the possibility that Acomplia may help to improve your short-term memory.

  4. Amara said :

    Sounds like you just need to kick start your metabolism. Try eating five or six times a day rather than two or three. But make the meals much smaller and make sure they are healthy. Or you could just try cutting down your portions and eating more fruits and veggies. There are also several different supplements that can assist you with weight loss. This site lists a couple that actually worked.

  5. Nameg said :

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  6. Dave said :

    In answer to your question and in my opinion if you want to lose weight do not starve yourself what ever you do!

    I would suggest consuming lower calories per day. For women you should not take in more than 1200 pday and for men no more than 1500pday – that’s if you want to lose. You definately will lose this way.

    Saying that you need to ensure your body is getting the vitamins an minerals it is lacking from cutting down. in addition to that, our bodies don’t really get the right amount of vitamins and minerals from eating normally anyway. I am suggesting taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement regardless of what it is you want to achieve.

    Ihave lost quite a bit of weight and kept it off and I have done this by having a protein shake in the morning mixed with apple juice and ginger (very delish) I have that for lunch too but possibly another recipe like Strawberry and cucumber shake (also great!! ). I have fruit throughout the day and maybe a snack bar. in the evenings i make a low-fat dinner of my choice and I just watch what i put in it but still manage to have fun cooking and making delicious meals. Be creative 🙂

    I am not huge into exercise however I take a brisk walk each morning. That’s great for the ‘love handles!’

    i have tons of healthy recipes and exercise tips on my site if you would like to have a look PLUS you can download my 7Days To A Better Body’ e-book for FREE too. There are great recipes and plans there for you to try.

    I hope this has helped you and answered your question in one way or another.


  7. Evliiy said :

    1.Hire a substitute teacher. Don’t reach for the brands you know and love immediately – or without thinking first. Eggs are “good” for you, but consider using egg substitutes instead (in fact, many restaurants will let you order lower calorie foods). There are countless “lower” alternatives for you to try. If something different doesn’t taste good, by all means – find a better substitute, or eat less of the original. In some cases, the substitute may be worse for you than the regular version of the product. The good news is, healthier choices are silently replacing their “normal” counterparts – and they taste just as nice.

  8. Killy said :

    What’s so funny about bovines? If you like cheese, you must buy the Laughing Cow brand, and keep several of the suckers in stock at all times. The individually-wrapped wedges make for excellent snacks, and are wonderful when melted over just about anything edible. I’d be careful about straight-up American cheese, though – it’s oil, but not necessarily as good for you as (say) a slice of cheddar would be. I have yet to find something as calorie-light and filling as Laughing Cow (I don’t know how they do it).

  9. Likyt said :

    Go public. I didn’t want to admit that I had screwed up, but admitting the problem in public was the first step on the path to eventual success. I was now accountable for my actions, and all my friends knew what I was doing. There was no turning back, otherwise I’d be risk damaging my integrity. I didn’t want to disappoint the people who read me on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. Plus, it’s an easy way to find out which of your friends have gone through the process before – and glean tips from their own experiences. Then, other friends might become inspired to do the same thing you’re doing once they see that you’ve taken the first step.

  10. Rumble Roller said :

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