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is it bad to lose weight fast if its healthy?

ive been losing about .4-.6 of a pound every day. i eat 1200 calories and burn off about 650 calories through exercise is it bad to lose that quick?

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7 Responses to “is it bad to lose weight fast if its healthy?”

  1. Suras said :

    try this website!!!!


    Good luck 🙂

  2. Joe M said :

    As long as you are still eating you should be fine.

  3. Nick said :

    yeah take in bout 400-800 calories more..u dont wana b a stick

  4. David said :

    That would be.. 2.8-4.2lbs a week? Its recommended you only lose 1-2 lbs a week.

    Studies have found that people who lose weight quickly almost always gain it back again. There are exceptions, of course. But in general, losing weight fast is a pretty good indicator that you’ll one day be wearing those pounds again.

    Dramatic and fast weight changes – like losing lots of weight very quickly – stresses your body, your heart and your immune system. And, since you’re likely to put that weight back on again, you could start a cycle of yo-yo dieting that will negatively affect your overall health. Losing weight slowly, however, allows your body to adjust to the changes gradually, which lessens the stress it endures when you’re dieting and following an exercise program.

  5. Karen said :

    Hi Ashley,

    Losing weight fast and in a healthy way is not as hard as you may think. In fact, it can be pretty easy. Just cutting soda and sugary drinks from your diet COMPLETELY is just one awesome way to lose weight fast easy and healthily. (I lost 10 pounds alone only with that one change) That along with the other tips I’m going to share below (all are very safe and healthy) and you will be on your way to easily losing the weight and keeping it off.

    As cliche as it may sound you gotta eat your veggies. They are amazingly good for you, also raw nuts (almonds are best) fruits, and 100% whole grain breads instead of white flours (white flour is very bad for you, read up on it if you get the chance!) Try and stay away from fried foods and fast food as much as possible, and other empty calories and foods that provide you no nutrients, like ice cream/candy/cake etc. Common sense goes a long way with what foods to eat and how to be healthy, so use it 🙂

    Building healthy eating habits and keeping the weight off in the long term is what you should really strive for. Also, make sure you don’t count calories, it can drive you CRAZY! Just eat GOOD calories, and when your satisfied, stop eating. Try to eat more meals a day and portion them smaller, it really is proven to speed up your metabolism and burn fat way faster.

    Just be persistent, set goals, make little changes and stick with them. You will get to where you want to be. You really have to want it, I did, and I’m at my goal weight now. Please check out my blog, I think you will enjoy the information and my weight loss story. The link is below, good luck!

  6. Law Professor said :

    sounds like u are doing fine darling

  7. shelby said :

    your supposed to take in 1200 calories per day , so thats good
    your weight loss is fine,
    as long as your eating and exercising thats fine,



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