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how can i lose weight fast and the healthy way?

I gained about 20 pounds in the past two months, and I want to lose 30. How can I do it by June. I’ve been exercising, but can’t seem to eat healthy.

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5 Responses to “how can i lose weight fast and the healthy way?”

  1. Jamaikan DiiVa said :

    a personal trainer

  2. artsycrafty said :

    Woah, how did you gain 20 pounds in 2 months?
    And there is no healthy way to lose 30 pounds by June.

  3. OrigamiGirl said :

    First of all, eating healthy isn’t an all the sudden, ‘start eating 2903748763 lbs of fruit and veggies a day!!!’ It’s like easing yourself into a burning jacuzzi…you get used to it. Start with your normal diet. Then slowly increase your fruits, veggies, and good protein. (not too many carbs, please) This is easier, plus it doesn’t make your body go into shock. Also, once you are at your ideal diet, you can still have a few sweets. MODERATION is key, however.

  4. fitnessgrl said :

    I can set you up on a program designed just for you and your goals. contact me at Carmel-ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  5. s1_briede_d said :

    find calorie/fitness calculator on the net, enter all your stats and it will tell you how many calories you need a day to maintain, take off 300-400cal off that number and thats how much you need to lose.
    eat 5-6 small meals a day (eat every 2-3 hours)
    5-8 servings of fruit and veggies a day
    8 glasses of water
    have complex carbs for breakfast – they give you energy
    have lean meat (protein) for dinner – repairs muscle
    cardio exercise 4-6 times a week for 30-50min, light weight training
    dont consume foods that are made of white flour (white bread, cakes, past etc.), sugar loaded foods (cookies, icecream, candy etc) and nothing fried – no junk food.
    ofcourse you can spoil yourself with a little treat once in a while:)


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