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what is a good emount of food items in one day to lose weight fast but healthy?

I have health issues so mobility is hard for me but I need to lose weight. I know kinda what not to eat but like how much of cheap foods is a good amount to lose weight? ex would be like speg and a canned veggy for dinner or a casserole with cheeses. Normal foods I’m on a very limited budget so I can’t afford to eat real healthy but want to. I have meals with a family of 7 mostly adults. I need to know like a cup of this a cup of that or how much bread a day. Examples of a few days meals is like today chicken and rice sweetnsour stryfry for dinner and lunch nothing breakfast nothing, yesterday a lettuce, green pepper, onion, cucumber salad and ham and cheese sandwich for dinner, 2 pieces of pizza for lunch, day before pasta/cheese/sausage,brocolli casserole and for a snack egg salad sandwich.

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6 Responses to “what is a good emount of food items in one day to lose weight fast but healthy?”

  1. ladylhs05 said :

    eating three meals a day is the best healthy way to loose weight. if you stop eating all together, your metabolism slows down and as soon as you start eating normally again you’ll gain the weight back if not more. here’s the best trick to remember:

    avoid everything white: pastas, breads, sugars, white rice, fats. these contribute the fastest to weight gain.

    eat tons of anything colored: green, yellow, orange, red.

    three, well balenced, PORTIONED!! meals, coupled with 30 mins of activity a day, the weight will FALL off. Most importantly, you’ll be healthy, and that’s the goal.

    good luck 🙂

  2. Model_Chic1981 said :

    Check out this website.

  3. rockangel80 said :

    I understand your dilemma. Eating healthy is expensive.

    First try and measure what you normally eat, then cut it in half. See how that works and give or take if needed. It would be hard to measure specifics and you don’t want to put your body in shock with drastic changes.

    Read the nutrition info on all your food, it will tell you how much a serving size is.

    Your best bet is to eat steamed veggies and fruits in place of snacks or meals whenever possible and drink lots of water.

    I had a friend that only switched to diet sodas and lost a whole bunch of weight.

    Water will help curb your hunger and the saying goes “If you have water in your mouth, you don’t have food in it”

    Also water helps flush out toxins.

    Exercise is hard for many of us, but 3lb weights while sitting in a chair or just butt squeezes help.

    Suck in your stomach, I used to be a dancer and my first homework was to keep your stomach sucked in for the entire week, sit up straight and tighten your stomach, suck it in comfortably, relax your ribcage, square your shoulders. I promise you, this exercise will take off inches like crazy!!!

  4. cakelady0329 said :

    I had a personal trainer for over a year and a half and she was amazing, she told me to eat 6 times a day you know your 3 normal meals and snacks in between by snacks i mean like fruits etc.. always make sure you eat breakfast, if you do not you will shoot your metabolism to the ground for the rest of the day they are not lyin when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.! good luck Oh and slim fast are good things when you are on the go!

  5. Kenichi said :

    basically as long as you eat your fruits and vegetables, you will get enough nutrients.

    and try eating breakfast, since it’ll give you the energy to stretch more even when you’re sitting, and that’s exercise too!

    try to go easy on the carbs for a month or so, and then slowly eat a little more, if you’ve lost weight.

    i don’t know how much you weigh, but if you go on a lower calorie diet, maybe 1200-1400, try eating at least 2 servings of fruit (1 large apple, or 1.5 medium sized fruits) and 2-3 servings of vegetables (about 2 cups)

    as for bread and starches, 4 is a good amount. like, a slice of bread for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch (which, depending on the amount of bread can be 1 or 2 servings) and dinner can be 1/2 a cup of pasta (1 serving) or 1/2 cup of rice.

    then for meats, i would suggest a piece that looks like a deck of cards, as the rule goes. and some other form of protein is needed, like with eggs, which you can have for breakfast or with some tasty egg salad sandwiches, just go easy on the mayo.

    finally, dairy. mmm, calcium. if you don’t like milk, like me, you can eat yogurt and cheese. for yogurt, check to make sure it has a highish amount of calcium (30% is good), minimal sugar, and some active cultures. for cheese, try to keep servings under 100 calories, and check the calcium content as well (15% is good). string cheese is great.

    oh yes, i forgot fats. if you’re really really really hungry, nuts are a good way to lessen your hunger. but buy a food scale, and eat 1/2 oz at a time, and don’t go over 1 oz, since the calories can easily add up.

    and this isn’t that easy to follow. i know everyday i tend to sway a little with dessert, but don’t worry. have your dessert! but keep in mind your calories too. for example, you can trade in .5 serving of fruit and 1/2 an oz or an oz of nuts for some ice cream 🙂 just don’t trade too much. keep desserts at a maximum of 200 calories.

    as for losing weight fast, i can’t exactly guarantee anything. slow and steady does win the race.

    i hope this helps!

  6. Nutritionist Shelly said :

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