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Is it healthy to lose weight fast?

I was 220 pounds two weeks ago and now I’m down to 208.2 pounds. I’m wondering if I’m losing weight too fast or if it’s unhealthy. I’m eating healthier foods(no fried stuff) and exercising every day. Thank you for the help!

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3 Responses to “Is it healthy to lose weight fast?”

  1. J♥K♥M said :

    You’ll start to lose slower the smaller you get. About 10 pounds of that was water weight. They say not to lose too fast, but as long as you’re doing it naturally with healthy food, lots of water, and exercise, then I think you’re fine. Good job BTW!

  2. Kree said :

    8 pounds every two weeks is good too much more might just lead to a weight rebound but that usually applies when you stop eating and loose weight not when you start eating healthy and exercising. Congratulations by the way.

  3. Me Want Cookie! said :

    thats normal at first
    like heavy people drop a ton of weight at first
    then gradually its less and less


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