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Athlete needs to lose weight healthy an fast?

I’m a 16 year old baseball player and I have been hurt with shoulder problems and I need to now drop prosbly 15ish pounds in a month or two. I still workout and run everyday but still seemto put on a little weight. Need tips to how to eat right to lose this weight fast as possible.

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3 Responses to “Athlete needs to lose weight healthy an fast?”

  1. sweetandsourdildo said :

    don’t you have a coach. what the hell is wrong with your coach? why hasn’t he told you how to do this?

    regardless, i’ll help ya out cause i’m a cool big sister like that. you have three options.

    1. flip a coin everyday. heads = eat 500 calories. tails = 1500 calories.

    2. eat nothing but baked fish and vegetables everyday. and very little of it. while exercising with your legs as much as you can. you can do leg lifts while ya xbox i make my boyfriend do it cause he’s fat.

    3. throw up a lot.

  2. Daïtro said :

    you didn’t gain the weight fast, so you can’t really lose it fast. the most you can do is lessen the time it takes to lose the weight by having a perfect diet and good exercise plan (cardio burns fat best, i.e. aerobics, running in place, walking fast, exercise bike), and not deviating from the plan, which will waste time.

    a semi-quick way to lose “false” weight (water bloating etc) is to cut down on your sodium. have only about 1500 grams total a day. read food labels. and drink a lot of water (not an insane amount that makes you sick though), because the more hydrated you are, the less you retain. and your system will function better overall too.

  3. Amy B-G said :

    here’s the thing…you’re not going to lose 15 pounds in a month, two months maybe (if you lose 2 pounds a week) you wanted it healthy? Lose no more than 2 lbs a week.

    watch the fat content of the foods you eat, drink lots of water (at leats 8 glasses a day) and do plenty of walking. Have you thought you’re maube gaining weight because you’re gaining muscle? If taht’s not it then switch up your workout, don’t do the same thing every day.


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