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help I need to loose weight fast and easy any ideas?

I have a problem with eating snacks all the time I need something to take the gravings away and loose weight fast any deas?

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5 Responses to “help I need to loose weight fast and easy any ideas?”

  1. Reva P said :

    YOU didn’t put it on overnight, and you can’t loose it quickly, either.

    I suspect that you know what you can do about it, but that your problem is actually doing so. That’s something that only you can do for yourself.

    A good rate of weight loss is 1 – 2 pounds/week. Anything faster than that and you can cause yourself too many problems.

  2. sargeyboo said :

    i’m with Reva P on this one. i’ve tried the pills & the fad diets & the only thing that works is good old fashioned exercise.

  3. Muthu G said :

    Dear Friend,
    The best and easiest (and toughest way also) way to reduce you wait is
    keep on diet per day once..( have only break fast and dinner.. for lunch add any kind of fruits.

    And the next easy way is, try to do some simple exercises, like bending your hip, practicing yogas..
    I bed you that you can see a lot of improvement in just one month of time period.
    i have experienced it. and i wish you the same..!

  4. Petunia217 said :

    “Weight loss” and “fast” are two things that don’t go together.

    It is going to take patience and determination to lose weight.

    For your snacking problem, I suggest drinking more water as it can make your stomach feel full. If you just have to munch on something, switch to carrot/celery sticks, grapes, apples etc.

  5. dutch said :

    well even if you gave up all the junk food you would only lose a couple of pounds. if you want to lose wieght you have to excersize. and i dont mean crunch’s and stuff like that. those types of work outs are thier to give your body definiation. if you want to lose weight run even if it is only once around your block, it will make a difference. plus stop drinking soda….even diet soda. i didn’t do anything besides switch from soda to ice tee and i lost 10 punds in a month


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