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I really need to loose weight quick! Please Help!?

I really need to loose weight as quickly as poosible. Im 200 pounds and 5’7. I hate how i look and it is embarrassing in the pool. I never drink soda and I never eat fast food. Im guessing ints my metabolism but anything will work.If you have any suggestions on the quickest way to loose the most amount of fat(2 weeks) please tell me! I really can’t stand my body.

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One Response to “I really need to loose weight quick! Please Help!?”

  1. Nione said :

    RUN. A LOT. eat less than 600 calories a day but make sure those calories are veggies and protein (think eggs, chicken, fish, and small amounts of red meat). make sure that you are eating though, because if not your body will actually think it is going through a starving period and will retain fat instead of burn it. drink a lot of water i mean til the point where you’ll feel sick and then keep drinking it. keep pounding the water and the pavement and you’ll lose weight.

    but realistically, if you want to lose weight fast, you’re more than likely just going to gain it back fast as well. most dietitians say the safe amount of weight to lose is 2-3 pounds a week. a good way to lose weight is to set a reasonable goal for a certain amount of time. say 20 pounds in two months. or to go on a diet approved by your doctor.


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