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How do I loose weight fast but easy?

I was smaller before but now that I’m getting older the weight is beginning to show. I just got out of school and I want to go back feeling comfortable with the way I look. How can I use this summer as an advantage to loose weight, but quickly?

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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10 Responses to “How do I loose weight fast but easy?”

  1. tinfoil said :

    Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

  2. Michael S said :

    Exercise and eat veggies instead of junk food.

  3. ynot said :

    I’ve heard of this new book with thes new dieting strategy- “The Magnetic Diet”. Link to

    Good Luck

  4. SuBee said :

    There’s no healthy way to lose weight fast and easy without taking health risks. What I would do if I were you is go swimming as much as possible because you burn calories this way and I’d eat my 3 square meals a day, no real junk food like fries, pop, and chips. Cheese is really fattening.
    Eat normal. Walk but don’t over do it… This could become a habit of never being happy with yourself… Watch Oprah and follow her diet.

  5. shoobydoowop said :

    excersise and use the serving sizes on the labels of food
    drink lots of water

  6. elden w said :


    We all wish there were a quick way to lose a bunch of lbs, but there isn’t any good way to lose lots fast that won’t hurt your health (sorry).

    Cut out the sweets and junk food, go to 2% milk, eat more fruits and veggies and be more active and you’ll be slimmer before you know it.

  7. Anna said :

    exercise and eat healthy

  8. 4 strings said :

    stop drinking soft drinks and eating cookies cakes and chips
    fresh veggies and lean meat are best
    exercise is also benificial

  9. Sarvo said :

    if you want it to be fast then i will tell you an ancient indian exercise to loose weight in 2-3 days practicing it for only 15 minutes a day.
    its called kapal bharti
    yeah i know so to know how to do it click the following link below.

  10. kb24 said :

    go on a restricted carb diet. eat very little carbs each day but for no more then two weeks at a time. combine this with some excercise and weight lifting (so u don’t lose muscle and end up dropping your metabolism) and u should lose tons of fat in no time.
    note: most calories should come from protein. eat about 1600-1700 calories a day

    there u go, thats how u can do it in a quick amount of time. combine it with a fat burner such as hydroxycut and results will come even quicker


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