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What are some easy exerscises to loose weight fast?

{Im trying to eat as little as possible} I dont have any excersise equipment except handheld dumbells and an exercise ball (big blue blow up) and I would like to do things that dont involve running cuz i feel weird running down streets everyone stares at me. So feasy exercises to loose weight fast?

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4 Responses to “What are some easy exerscises to loose weight fast?”

  1. Sam E said :

    omg babe i am with you on that man! i have a big blue ball too! and handheld dumbells! but i also have a treadmill inside to run on so i cant suggest that, hmm i suggest you do 250 curl ups with weights,250 on each arm, you do 100 situps on ya big blu ball and about 20 push ups a day im sorry i cant suggest u 2 run cuz thats the best way to get your legs all toned and not jiggly but whenevr ur bored run around jump skip ANYTHING do push ups while ur waiting for somthing or walk around instead of sit down!i have a neighbor and i never want to play with her but since i started trying to lose weight im i think that i should play with her and that i should run a round outside with her and most important join a sport im doing tennis/dance/basketball/ and im on my schools kickball team

    btw people yes i am giving most people the same ideas cuz they really work so dont be mad at me if i keep suggesting this and hey whoevers looking to lose weight on yahoo answers get off run play get some excersise go have fun!!!!!! LUVS YOUS!!

  2. Ryan H said :

    You don’t need to eat as little as possible. If you eat as little as possible your fat burning mechanism will not work. So with that beig said you need to eat more often smaller healtier choices though. You can jog in place in your room, you need cardio to lose fat. Do a few crunches and some push ups and you should easily drop a few lbs. good luck. The site below has great exercise tips and tricks.

  3. mansionghost said :

    try exercisiing with Jack
    Comments welcome

  4. nick m said :

    in order to loose weight fast you need a complete weight loss plan. both diet and exercise. i could not loose weight fast no matter what i tried. then i came across this website and it was extremely helpful. i even started a blog about it.


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