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What is the best way to loose weight , fast and easy?

I need to loose weight soon. How can I do that? Please help me out .

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13 Responses to “What is the best way to loose weight , fast and easy?”

  1. Amy P said :

    Drink lots of water and only eat fruits and veggies. You will lose wait super fast (: Good Luck!

  2. Patricia B said :

    Walk Walk Walk.

    Getting rid of weight is never fast and easy without really bad side effects.

    There are no good shortcuts!

  3. Dr. Sanjeev said :

    Here you can see some effortless method for management of obesity of loosing weight,
    If you beleive in homeopathy then I would suggest for phytolacca berry as it has been used safely for reducing weight for details you can see

  4. KungFu Ninja said :

    Sorry but there is no fast and easy way =/ You just have to change the way you eat, eat less, and exercise. Drink water instead of soda, eat a fruit when you want a snack instead of junk food and go for a run every other day.

  5. psychedelic_celtic said :

    cut a leg or two off; theres 40 pounds already 🙂

  6. Beatngu said :

    Hack off a foot? LOL

    Just kidding… the only sure fire way to loose the weight is the eat a healthy diet and get active.

    How much are you trying to loose? And in how much time? Those are two key factors. I would say no more than 10 pounds a month.

  7. Lιvιιε ♥ said :

    The best way to actually loose weight is to eat.
    Not as in eating more, just your normal amount, but make sure its healthy aswell.
    You also need to go to the gym twice a week, toning your stomach via tumming toning exercises also makes you appear skinny and makes you look like your in great shape!
    You shouldn’t be worried what people think about you, after all they should love you for who you are!

    P.s Skipping meals has been proved to actually make you larger!
    But I hope I helped, Good Luck Chick :D!

  8. Fish said :

    The word is ‘lose’ not ‘loose’. Also it is ‘easily’ not ‘easy’.

    The other repondents have good suggestions.

  9. Daisy k c said :

    Run around the house everywhere and don’t eat bad food only eat good food like fruit ……

  10. satanscock66 said :

    Do heavy deadlifts and squats with proper form.

    No excuses.

  11. Carli said :

    Where do you mean all over or just your stomach or what? anyway If it is your stomach try sit-ups and stomach crunches, eat more fruit and vegetables, avoid anything with fat in it, try some green tea some people have told me it’s good for loosing weight, if it’s your legs your eating habits won’t really effect it, walk lots, go running. you have to keep at it though other wise a slip up can effect it lots remember to stretch before and after exercising. You can’t just loose weight and go back to you’re habits and expect it to stay off loosing weight is long term. Remember loosing weight takes different lengths of time for different people because of metabolism and there stamina.

  12. notwitstupidanymore said :

    Well, without you disclosing what height and weight you are now, or what kind of excercise you can manage on a daily basis to stick to, that’s a hard question to answer.
    Go to any site that features a BMI. It is a good tool to use.
    Two things you DO NOT want to resort to? Starving yourself, pills, or puking.
    This may not be the best answer you are looking for, but it’s my 2 cents.
    Have a good day and good luck!

  13. [email protected] said :

    The best approch is to watch your calorie intake. Try to eat more fruits and vegtables, and drink plenty of water. You will also want to get more exercise, and avoid processed foods. I am a Vegan, so I never eat animal products, and alot of people assume I ought to be thin naturally. But, I am a processed foods addict! So, I am trying to cut calories myself to lose a few holiday pounds. All I have done is exercise, and eat more raw vegtables and I’ve already lost several pounds. Another trick I’ve noticed that works is try to eat some spicy foods. They reeeeev your metabolism and can help you shead a few extra calories naturally. If you can stomach it, try taking a teaspoon of your favorite hot sauce 20 minutes before meals. If you try it, it’ll work for you too! Good luck!


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