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What is the best way to lose weight fast and easy for an obese 12 year old?

She’s obese, she weighs 250 lbs, and her height is 5’8″. What should she do to lose weight?

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5 Responses to “What is the best way to lose weight fast and easy for an obese 12 year old?”

  1. Abby said :

    eat healthy and exercise, but I would have her Dr. put her on a plan she is still young and growing and should have a healthy plan. Get all the junk food out of the house and get her into some type of sport

  2. paper.bunny said :

    Try to get her into some sports. A lot of girls like Volleyball or Soccer. Also, see if she enjoys eating fruits or veggies. Try to cut down on Fast Food and meats. 😀

  3. Essmi d said :

    First, toss out the ideas of ‘fast’ and ‘easy’. Fast isn’t going to work…maybe for a little while, but the weight would pile back on just as fast or faster. Easy doesn’t exist in the weight loss world. She’s gonna have to start an exercise program and follow a nutritious diet that allows her to lose 2,3, maybe 4 pounds a week on a steady basis and change her body slowly so that her brain adjusts to the fact that she’s going to live as a smaller person for the rest of her life. Trying to do it quickly will just mess her up. Some professional counselling would help a lot…it would help her to realize why she overeats and once she gets behind the reasons for it, she can understand the behaviour and change it. Let her know this is a long term committment for a happier life.

  4. wannasnooze said :

    1. Exercise. Start with taking a walk with her every day.
    2. Eating healthier. Eliminate the high calorie items from her daily intake. Limit daily calories to 2000, then after a few weeks reduce calories to 1750 a day, then down to 1500. If you are the parent it’s your responsibility to buy groceries that are healthier for her to eat and to cook good tasting alternatives to fatty or fried foods.
    3. Eliminate or drastically reduce soda — it’s wasted calories and even diet soda creates the desire to eat more.
    4. Have her start a journal about what she eats and her feelings when she eats. Frequently we eat because of our feelings. If she can see the pattern it will help her. Then give her an alternative to eating when she’s sad, worried, depressed or whatever.
    5. If she needs an incentive to lose weight, try some sort of reinforcer. Such as for each pound she loses, $5 goes into a savings for buying new clothes when she’s lost a predetermined amount.
    6. Don’t pressure her or make her feel bad about her weight, that just makes things worse.

  5. Angel Baby said :

    there is No healthy way to lose weight fast and easy, is it hereditary or do you need to lock the fridge up at night?
    to determine BMI

    I’m sure she didn’t put on all that weight overnight, you shouldn’t expect her to lose it overnight.
    My cousin was about the same size when she was 13, since obesity is such a strong pre-cursor for diabetes, her doc sent her to a nutrionist who put her on a low carb diabetic diet (no processed sugar, no white flour, limited beef and pork intake, etc.), along with a gradually increased exercise program. The whole family exercised with her, starting with 5 mins of walking 3 times a day, working up to 30 mins 3 times a day, then we just couldn’t keep up with her, now she’s 17, 5’10, 135lbs and works part time after school with overweight kids at a local gym yummy recipe ideas sugar-free/ for low carb faux sweets


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