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How to lose weight fast and easy for a 10 year old!!!10 points for best answer!?

Please help I wanna fit into my 2 piece bikini I weigh 80 pounds please and my stomach is fat help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥10 points awarded!
Me and my sis share an account so i’m not really 10 she is but please answer!

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5 Responses to “How to lose weight fast and easy for a 10 year old!!!10 points for best answer!?”

  1. pirateambre said :

    honey, you’re too young to be worrying about this stuff

    just go play outside. run around. it will help

  2. jambakenny said :

    You should not be worrying abput your weight because you’re very young. However, you asked a question so I’ll try to answer it the best way I can.

    I’m sorry to say eating less and healthier won’t cut it. You also need to exercise regularly. Cardio is extremley important when you want to lose weight, as well as the food you eat. Avoid eating food you know you can resist if you try hard enough. One valuable lesson I learned was to eat when you ARE hungry. I used to just eat when I had nothing to do and became a fatty! Have 3 healthy, but filling meals a day with snacks inbetween (for example: fruits). Continuing a diet and exercise is important since it’s so easy to become lazy, but if you have the strength, integrity, will-power, and determination, you can do it! Hope I helped.

  3. Jkara said :

    You’re but since do that too around that i’ll help.

    Okay first rule on loosing weight never ever starve yourself for the simple reason when eat after you did you will gain wait for the simple reason you’re body thinks thats gonna be the first and last time you’ll eat that day.

    Exercise regularly and eat good food.

  4. brianna said :

    i am 16 i weigh about 275 and i want lose like 35 pounds is there a way that i can do that without dieting and excersising i do walk everyday and i have lost alot of weight but i want to loes more can u please4 help me ?

  5. Haylee said :

    i weigh alot and im onley 10 and in the 4th grade i want to loose weight before middle school what should i do


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