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How can you lose weight fast and easy?

I’ve been working out with my dad lately, and it seems to be helping a little. But first off, if I’m a 14 year old boy, 170 lbs, and 5′ 10″-5′ 7″ am I even that over weight? I just want to feel comfortable taking off my shirt at the pool or when I get hot.

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6 Responses to “How can you lose weight fast and easy?”

  1. ♥aamina♥ said :

    Try WeightWatchers. I heard that the point system works really well.

  2. Rampage said :

    There’s no fast and easy way, bub. Diet and exercise. If you starve yourself, your body will cannibalize your muscle mass first, and you’ll be skinny fat… i.e, having no muscle, while retaining a belly because your body thinks its starving.

    Find a healthy diet and start working out. You’re young, your body will be able to change fairly easy compared to older folks. Now’s the time to take advantage of that ability.

  3. OW Newbie said :

    Try to drink a lot of water the whole day. If you do that it will clear your body and you’ll become less hungry. You still need some food. And if that doesn’t work that fast, combine it with cardio exercises.

  4. sizzle2k3 said :


    I had that problem too when I was 12-14. I think a LOT of boys do actually. I ended up being 6’4” and I was very slim by the age of 15. You may not end up that way but here is some advice regardless.

    Eat as much as you want. You are still growing and you will likely get taller which will stretch out of round tummy you got there. You could embrace it too. My little cousin is 12, has round belly and wears his belly proudly. He pats his belly at the pool after he eats some hotdogs and says “Gimme 10 minutes and I’ll be at it again” and people laugh. They love having him around because he makes the fat people more comfortable. In a few years these days will seem so petty! Don’t worry so much about it man.

    As far as losing weight fast: Eat ONLY fruits and vegetables for a whole week. CARROTS and CELERY are fantastic. If you don’t hjave the willpower to do that then eat FISH instead of beef. Or chicken if you can’t find any fish. But definetly eat carrots and celery. Broccoli is good too if u steam it. Good luck and be proud!

  5. cute-chik♥ said :

    dont sit around that much it can cause obesity.

  6. georgetslc said :

    Are you really 5′ 10″-5′ 7″? We all vary, maybe as much as an inch, between getting up and going back to bed in the evening, but 3″ is a lot!
    Secondly, there is no way to tell from that much data whether you’re overweight or not. What do your doctor, the school nurse, and/or the most intelligent coach at your school say?
    Thirdly, the most effective way to get comfortable taking your shirt off is just to do it, whenever you think appropriate. You’ll find out that almost nobody cares, and the few who make fun of you are the same ones that would do it for a dozen other reasons–and should be ignored if at all possible. And you just may get one or more who compliment you on how your working out is succeeding!


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