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Anyone know how to lose weight fast and easy?

I don’t get it I weigh 180 I’m 5’6 but my body fat is 29% which is good considering I just had a baby but according to my doctor I’m obese. Can anyone help me with information on losing weight fast besides the typical exercise ritual.

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7 Responses to “Anyone know how to lose weight fast and easy?”

  1. TickledPink said :

    I have been using papayamine. It is new but it works. It gives you all your body needs in one shot so you don’t get so hungry. I take two capsules twice a day and two shakes a day. This curbs my hunger and I am healthy. They call it a complete food so it is not just another diet scam. Plus you mix it with fruit juice and therefore avoid dairy too.
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  2. tyedyeblue1 said :

    I lost 20lbs just drinking a lot of water before and after meals and walking it really does work it just feels like your going to float hope this helps

  3. jvle28 said :

    1. Eat breakfast! If you eat when you wake up, you will jump-start your metabolism for the whole day.

    2. Don’t get painfully hungry. If you get hungry in an attempt to lose weight – EAT. Try not to wait until your hungry because the food you eat when you’re painfully hungry will make you weigh more. That’s what happened to me, at least.

    3. Salads with little or no sauce on the SIDE.

    4. When you work out, keep working until you feel like you can’t go anymore, then go a tiny bit more before stopping.

    5. Chew gum if you feel like eating when you very well know you don’t need to.

    Hope I helped!

  4. Emyli M said :

    Um, meth will make you lose weight.

    People want a “fast and easy” way to drop pounds. Getting overweight in the first place was a mistake that you made, so it will take some freakin’ WORK to get rid of what you gained.

  5. Hari said :

    Reduce food 900 calorie/day
    Morning before taking any thing drink warm water 4-6 glass as per body requirement.
    Keep your stomach half filled
    Keep your weigh as per you height
    Maintain hemoglobin level as your doctor says
    Take more fruits & vegetables
    Use brown breads or whole grains products
    Minimize dairy product
    Do exercise or walking 30-60 minutes
    Do yoga, Pranayam(Dip breathing) in place of exercise if possible
    Contact: Babaramdev

  6. RodiKenley said :

    Don’t worry. Do you eat 2 bowls of salad a day at least? That would help.

  7. Press said :

    Losing weight can take a little bit of time, but it’s so worth it!

    When you get a chance: check this site out. There’s a pretty cool deal on there

    Don’t miss out on the tab that shows you how to gain muscle while losing your weight. That is very important.


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