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How do I lose chest fat fast? I’m a 13 year old male.?

I’m 177-178cm tall( around 5’10) and my weight is average for my height.

But I am still fat, just not obese.

The problem is that the fat built up on my chest instead of my belly and it looks like I have breasts. It’s really embarrassing.

I can’t really do push ups,


I can’t do
ignore the “i cant do” thing on the bottom… it’s a typo 😛

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7 Responses to “How do I lose chest fat fast? I’m a 13 year old male.?”

  1. Josh said :

    pushups are a good way. If you can’t do a full pushup, try doing them with your knees on the ground. It will make it easier and once you build up strength you can start to do full ones

  2. Mike.. said :

    Your still fairly young so with the proper excercise and diet the pounds should shed fairly easily. Try some cardio every day, and just stay active.

    And you CAN do pushups.. try doing them on your knees every night, do as many as you can, and soon you will be able to do real ones.
    In terms of the chest fat it can shed from excercise and diet, but sometimes it doesnt. Its very tricky in that area. Best thing is to ask your doctor.

    This is something you should look at, not saying you have it though, thats for your doctor to decide.

  3. bender_xr217 said :

    Relax, this fat will go away inside of a year or two. A lot of boys put on some fat at the onset of puberty, but once the ball gets rolling your metabolism will eat away the chub, just make sure you eat right and stay active.

  4. Gina said :

    you got moobs 🙂 be proud and show it off 😛

  5. Kyle said :

    Well first off you can buy some Whey Protein, you can buy at any big retailer(Wal Mart,Dunham’s,Dickie’s). But I would suggest going to a GNC, they got better stuff. After you by it, read the instructions. I would recommend isometrics, it’s where you contract muscles against resistance without movement. It’s like tightening your chest and pretending to push in from of you like there’s a wall, push hard and don’t stop pushing, when you bring your arms back in the same motion keep them tightened, it works the muscles more. Do it really hard about 50 times, you’ll feel the burn,guaranteed. It’s works for me. It should shapen out your chest area in a couple of months if dedicate yourself to it everyday.

  6. rets2618 said :

    Burning more calories than you take in will get rid of extra fat anywhere on your body. Your body stores extra fat on your chest. Mine starts on my stomach.

    It doesn’t have to mean exercising that part of your body necessarily. It could be walking or jogging.

  7. Vin said :

    dont take diet pills.
    thats huge. those will kill you.
    Diet pills are for adults not kids, especially when your going through puberty.
    Push up aren;t the best things to do.
    Try this, get a table and face away from the table.
    Then place your arms on the table
    and then squat. your chest should feel so tension within the next few days.
    Do this every other day and your chest muscles will grow and your moobs will disappear.
    Dont exercise everyday because your muscles need to breathe


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